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This has been a year rich in the output of homiletical literature.
The number of volumes made up of sermons by individual or
groups of Jewish preachers issued during the year is relatively
larger than those which appeared in many a previous year. The
rabbis of some leading congregations in this country make it a
practice to publish individual sermons from time to time. These
are usually distributed among the members and friends of those
congregations. One wonders whether it is not altogether without
significance to find that the preachers in the orthodox wing of
Jewry are now vying with their colleagues in the reform rabbinate
in the effort to enrich the Jewish homiletical literature in English.
Several of them have endeavored with a measure of success to
introduce to the English reader the Jewish traditional manner of
expounding scriptural texts in the fashion of the Midrash. The
Rev. Dr. Israel H. Levinthal in his several volumes of sermons
has done it admirably. In no small manner has he influenced the
sermonic writings of several of his colleagues. Rabbi Jacob
Bosniak in his fine collection of delightful sermons and addresses
Interpreting Jewish Life
(New York, Bloch, 1944) deals
with Jewish practices and teachings in the light of modern life.
Reveille or Taps
? is the title of a volume of sermons, essays and
addresses by Rabbi Israel Gerstein (New York, Bloch, 1943) and
Rabbi Harry Joshua Stern calls his latest collection of sermons
and addresses
The Jewish Spirit Triumphant
(New York, Bloch,
1943). Rabbi Nathan A. Barack gives his collection of twenty-five
sermons and addresses the attractive title
The Tale of a Wonderful
(New York, Bloch, 1943) and the group of eighteen sermons
which Rabbi Reuben Epstein brings together in a modest little
volume is pretentiously called
The Blueprint of Creation
York, Rachman Pub. Co., 1943). Quite modest is Chaplain Isaac
The Ten Commandments in a Changing World
(New York,
Bloch, 1944), addresses on the Decalogue in relation to present-
day problems.
A Set of Holiday Sermons
is a familiar title of a
collection of sermons issued annually by the Central Conference
of American Rabbis and the Union of American Hebrew Congrega-
tions. I t is designed, primarily, to meet the needs of small
Reform congregations which are without rabbinical leadership.
To render a similar service for Orthodox Jewry the Rabbinical
Council of America issued a
Manual of Holiday and Occasional
(New York, 1943). Homiletical in character is Rabbi
Frederic Aubrey Doppelt’s
־Dialogue with God
, being a series of
studies on the principle of prayer in human life (Philadelphia,
Dorrance, 1943). The collection of
by Louis J. Swich-
kow (Chicago, 1943) is suitable for both religious and secular
occasions. One regrets the fact that so able a preacher as the Rev.
Dr. Louis Israel Newman releases his sermons and addresses in
mimeographed form depriving them of that durability which the
printed page assures. Welcome is the collection of addresses,
messages and papers by the Very Rev. Joseph H. Hertz entitled
Early and Late
(London, Soncino Press, 1944). I t deals with timely
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