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populated by Jews is depicted in a collection of short stories en-
The Common Thread
by Michael Seidl (New York, Harcourt
Brace, 1944).
This Festive Season
, (New York, Harcourt, Brace,
1943) is the title of Mrs. Jeanne Florence Singer’s story of discrimi-
nation, told on the eve of Passover and its effect on the victim
through the reaction of a young refugee listener.
Only an Inch
from Glory
by Albert Halper (New York, Harper, 1943) is the story
of four young people trying to get what they want from life in New
York City. Among the principals are Sam, a Broadway press
agent, and Anne, his wife. Suitable for high school pupils is the
story of the treatment accorded a young Jewish rookie member
of the Dodgers, as narrated in the
Keystone Kids
by John Roberts
Tunis (New York, Harcourt, Brace, 1943). Publications in the
realm of Jewish poetry have been few, though a considerable
amount of good verse could be gleaned from the pages of current
Jewish periodicals. Welcome indeed is the volume
Emma Lazarus
Selections from her poetry and prose, edited with an introduction
by Morris N. Schappes, New York, Cooperative Book League,
1944. I t fills a long felt need since the writings of Emma Lazarus
have been out of print for quite a number of years. Ada Acraman
Behold The Jew
, New York, Macmillan, 1944, is written
in praise of the Jew and is the Greenwood prize poem for 1943.
Harry Kovner’s
A World in Travail
, (New York, Scopus, 1944),
is a modest collection of poems by one who also writes Yiddish
Biographical studies of familiar figures in Jewish life and lore
have a steady appeal to eager readers. Not many works of such
nature appeared during the year. Small though the yield has been
it presents a few interesting titles.
, builder of altars by
Basil Miller (Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 1943) is a biography in
which the author “let Moses stand or fall on the record of his
own career” and
, leader of a united people by Rogers
Macveagh and Thomas Bertram Costain (Garden City, Doubleday, *
1943) narrates the life of the man chosen by Moses to lead the
people of Israel across the Jordan into the land of Canaan.
Wings of Song
by Dena Humphreys (New York, Holt, 1944) is a
novel in which the story of the short life and work of Felix Mendels-
sohn-Bartholdi is fascinatingly told.'״ Fascinating too is
The Story 1
of George Gershwin
by David Ewen (New York, Holt, 1943) in
which the life and achievements of the famous composer of Jazz
music is told in a manner suitable for young people. Arthur
Upham Pope is the author of a full-length biography of
, (New York, Fischer, 1943), the one-time Russian ambas-
sador to the United States.
The Everlasting Nay
, the death of
Salomon Maimon is a delightfully told story by Herbert Frieden-
thal and beautifully illustrated by Walker Herz (London, Cailin-
gold, 1944). vAutobiographical in character is Hans Natonek’s ^
In Search of Myself
(New York, Putnam, 1943). I t tells of the
reactions of a writer of Czech origin, driven from Germany, to
the political scene and his new life in this country.
A Surgeon's
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