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tions from Yiddish poetry. Thirty-three Yiddish poets, from
S. S. Frug to Chaim Grade are presented in Hebrew translation.
Worth noting among the articles are the long and detailed mono-
graph by Menahem Ribalow on Hebrew literature in America
during the last twenty-five years and the parallel essay by Shmuel
Niger on Yiddish literature in America. The volume is a product
of the movement for better understanding between Hebrew and
Yiddish literature.
The new issue (Volume 1, 1944) of the semi-annual Hebrew
medical journal,
Harofe Haivri
, edited by Dr. Moses Einhorn,
is entirely dedicated (200 pages) to the late poet, Dr. Saul Tcherni-
chovsky, who died recently in Jerusalem and was a physician by
profession. Appreciations of the poet are contributed by the
foremost Hebrew writers in America and articles on his termi-
nology and activities are written by various medical men.
Two new quarterlies have recently appeared:
Katan. Talpiot
, which is dedicated to Jewish law and ethics,
is edited by Rabbi Samuel K. Mirsky and Samuel L. Sar, associate.
The first two issues (Tishri, Tebet 5904), include contributions by
leading rabbis and scholars. The style is modern and each issue
contains about 200 pages.
Rivon Katan
, a small quarterly of poetry and thought, is issued
by the Hebrew Poetry Society of America and is edited by Abra-
ham Regelson. This quarterly, of 128 pages, appears in a small
and handy format. Most of the material is contributed by the
editor himself, who is considered an excellent poet and essayist.
His essays on Walt Whitman and Solomon ibn Gabirol are
characterized by his usual qualities: philosophical depth, poetic
enthusiasm and original ability of expression.