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well as of the second volume of
Sefer Hayishuv
, a cyclopedia of
historical evidences of Jewish settlement in Palestine.
Another significant work sponsored by the Bialik Foundation
is Dr. Yehudah ibn Kaufman’s
Midrashei Geulah
(Midrashim On
Redemption), a collection of apocalyptic writings from after the
redaction of the Babylonian Talmud. The work contains the
texts of various Midrashim dealing with the themes of redemp-
tion and the Messiah, together with introductions and annotations.
The publication of the collected works of Zionist thinkers and
leaders has been an important part of Zionist ingathering during
the past two years. A good deal of literary activity was evidenced
in connection with the twentieth anniversary of the death of
Eliezer Ben Yehuda occurring last year. The first ten volumes
of his collected writings, as well as a 450-page biography of him
by his wife, Hemda Ben Yehuda, have appeared. The late
Dr. Theodor Zlocisti prepared for publication a volume on
Hess and His Contemporaries {Am Oved
), containing many of
Hess’ unpublished letters. In addition to the above, the Labor
Federation is bringing out a series of volumes of writings of
Zionist leaders. In this series are to appear the works of S. Lavi
(2 volumes), B. Borochov, Eleazar Yaffe and M. Beilinson
(volume 2).
A special committee has published the writings of Adolph
Stand, well-known Galician Zionist leader, with an introduction
by Dr. N. M. Gelber. A 500-page anthology of the writings of
the labor philosopher, A. D. Gordon, was edited by Y. Agus.
The Rabbi Kook Foundation has announced the issuing of the
Selected Writings of W. Yawitz.
There has also recently appeared
the second volume of the works of Jabotinsky, dealing almost
entirely with the period of the first war and containing much
information on the activities of the Jewish Legion.
Anthologies and Publications fo r Youth
The Joint Committee on Youth Affairs, sponsored by the
Zionist Organization and other bodies, has made available two
anthologies, one entitled
Palestine Letters
, by Abraham Yaari,
of the Hebrew University Library, and the other —
Man and
, by the poet Yehoshua Tan Pai. The former anthology
presents a panorama of letters over a period of 2,500 years, begin-
ning with Jeremiah and ending with the modern Return to Zion.
Through each of these letters sent from Palestine to the Golah,
runs a feeling of deep love for the Holy Land, even in times of
greatest disaster and misfortune. The latter anthology presents
selections from Hebrew literature depicting the attachment of
the Jewish people to the soil of Palestine from biblical times to
the present.
The Joint Committee has also inaugurated several literary
projects to popularize the history of Zionism and the writings of
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