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Zionist leaders. The
(Roots) series presents in vowel-
pointed Hebrew selections from the writings of our foremost
thinkers, together with introductions. To date, such volumes
have been devoted to Smolenskin, David Gordon, Rabbi Alkalai,
Rabbi Kalischer (incidentally, the Rabbi Kook Foundation
is sponsoring the publication of the complete works of these
religious Zionist thinkers), and Lilienblum. When the complete
series will be before us, it will cover a good part of modern Zionist
thought. Another project, aiming to make available in Hebrew
the works of Zionist thinkers written originally in other languages
is the
(Generations) series, of which the first volume, con-
taining the writings of Shlomo Schiller, has appeared.
Other series sponsored by the Joint Committee are designed to
aid youth readers. The series entitled
(Values) presents
in pamphlet form the lectures of such authorities as G. Shalom
(“Redemption in Kabbala”), Martin Buber (“Redemption in
Hasidism”), Isaac Gruenbaum (“The Development of the Zionist
Movement”) and B. Benshalom (“Hebrew Literature Between
Two Wars”). The Joint Committee also maintains a religious
section which has published a volume on the festivals by Rabbi
J. L. Fishman. The section also sponsors two series of pamphlets,
one entitled
(For the Leader) and another —
(Portraits). The former series features such subjects as
Toward Faith
by Prof. A. Boneventura, while the latter presents
biographies of Rabbi Joseph Natonek, Rabbi Hayyim Zve
Schnaiurson and other religious leaders.
The Keren Kayemeth has also continued its publications for
youth, adding various new titles to its
Library. Most
recent among these are an edition of Pinsker’s
edited by J. Spivak,
Zichron Yaakov
, by A. Samsanov,
Molly Gitlin,
The Jewish National Library
, by A. Yaari and
by Reb Binyamin (Radler-Feldman). With the co-
operation of the Joint Committee, the Keren Kayemeth and the
Keren Hayesod, the first part of an absorbing history of Zionism
for youth, by Dr. B. Ben-Yehuda, was published in vowel-pointed
Settlements and Colonization
Various colonies have adopted the custom of publishing records
of their achievements and histories of their development in order
to mark their anniversaries. First in order of age and importance
among these is Rishon Le־Zion, which published a volume com-
memorating its 60th anniversary. This 500-page work takes us
back to the days of
and Baron Rothschild, and presents
much first-hand information of value to the historian. A similar
work is that honoring the 60th anniversary of Rishon Le-Zion’s
sister-colony, Zichron Yaakov, depicting the difficult history of
the colony through memoirs, letters and diaries.
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