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By far the most important work on Palestine settlement to have
been issued in recent years is Dr. Alex Bein’s
History of Palestine
Dr. Bein, Herzl’s well-known biographer, takes us
through a period of more than 40 years, with special emphasis on
the colonization of the Zionist organization from 1908. He touches
on various problems connected with this effort, such as the
language controversy. The volume contains a useful list of the
settlements and a bibliography. Moshe Smilansky continued his
Chapters in the History of the Yishuv
, describing in lucid style the
history of Palestine during the first years of the century. A record
of the Yemenite
was compiled by Shoshana Blubstein.
Other settlements which issued special brochures were Kfar
Ezekiel, Kfar Joshua and Bet Hanan. Joseph Breslavsky’s book
on Palestine geography dealing with the Galil and the North
and published by Hakibutz Hameuchad went into a second
edition. He is also the author of a brochure on historic Masada.
Biography and Memoirs
The continued interest of the
in the figures of Zionism
is demonstrated by the numerous studies of leading members of
the movement. In honor of Nahum Sokolow, the Bialik Founda-
tion issued an impressive
Sefer Sokolow
, edited by Dr. Simon
Rawidowicz, professor of Hebrew at Leeds University. The book,
originally scheduled for publication in commemoration of the
fifth anniversary of Sokolow’s death, contains appreciations of
Sokolow by outstanding Zionist leaders and writers (Gruenbaum,
Rawidowicz, Fichman, Klausner, Rav Tzair and others), and
numerous unpublished writings by Sokolow.
Joseph Meisl contributed a monograph on S. P. Rabinowitz,
describing an important chapter in the history of the Hibbat
Zion movement. Prof. Joseph Klausner was the author of a
biography of Ussishkin, which also appeared here in English
translation. A biography of Jabotinsky, which went into a second
edition, was Shalom Shwartz’s
Champion Of His
Another volume on the Zionist leader was contributed
by his secretary, A. Remba. In commemoration of the twentieth
anniversary of the death of A. D. Gordon, a special volume,
, was issued. B. Katzenelson contributed a brochure on
the late Dr. Ruppin.
An interesting biographical project is the series of brochures
on important early figures in the Yishuv, edited by Yaakov
Churgin. Dr. H. Rosenbloom issued a brochure on
, including essays on Herzl, Weizmann, Samuel, Brandeis
and others. The Rabbi Kook Foundation published the late
A. I. Shachrai’s biography of Rabbi Akiba Joseph Shlesinger.
In the field of memoirs the outstanding works were David
With My Contemporaries
, and Dr. Shmaryahu Levin’s
In The New World.
Smilansky, who has been active in Zionism
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