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for half a century, writes of Tiomkin, Ussishkin, Yellin and others.
An introduction to the volume is contributed by Prof. Klausner.
Levin’s memoirs tell of his American period. Other volumes in
this field came from Shoshana Leshinsky, an early Palestine settler,
Dr. Mandelberg, who has been active in the
Kupat Holim
, and
Yitzhak Gerstencorn of Bnei Brak. Eliezer Smoli edited the
diaries of Alexander Zaid for the youth library
Political Writings
A number of volumes and brochures issued during the past
two years reflect the various problems facing the
Zionism. A collection of the political articles of Moshe Kleinman,
editor of the Hebrew organ of the World Zionist Organization,
, has been published under the title of
When a People
Kleinman, who recently celebrated his seventieth birth-
day, treats a variety of themes, and appropriately subtitles his
The Book of Zionist Struggles.
The Rabbi Kook Foundation
brought out Dr. Isaiah Wolfsberg’s volume of essays on religious
The Revisionist approach was set forth in Jacob Harosen’s
Zionist Politics in the World and the Near East.
which publishes its own bi-weekly, also sponsored a series of
brochures. An elaborate volume on
Jewish-Arab Relations As
An Educational Problem
was drawn up by Dr. Siegfried Lehmann,
headmaster of the Jewish Children’s Farm Ben-Shemen. The
land expert, A. Granovsky, contributed a brochure on land
questions. In honor of the first anniversary of the death of
Pinhas Rutenberg, the Vaad Leumi issued a Hebrew translation
of his brochure,
The National Rebirth of the Jewish People
, which
first appeared in America in 1915. An historical survey of the
roots of the assimilationist movement was made by Dr. Zvi
Adult Zionist Education
A noteworthy project launched by Prof. S. Goldelmann,
formerly of Prague has as its purpose the furthering of Zionist
knowledge among the adult population of the Yishuv. Through
the Institute For Zionist Education, Prof. Goldelmann circulated
a Correspondence Course on Zionist problems and history. The
printed courses have been prepared by such authorities as Abra-
ham Levinson, Dr. Aryeh Tartakower, Isaac Gruenbaum and
Dr. Alex Bein. The Institute also issues a Pocket Library, under
whose imprint A. Levinson’s highly informative
Jewish Nation-
, I. Zeman’s
Palestine Economy
and Dr. Tartakower’s
have appeared.
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