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densome observances as well as upon the failure o f Jewish educational efforts.
Leeser, in an introduction and in numerous footnotes, takes direct issue with the
author on many points o f her argument.
Mesillat Yisrael: The Path of Israel,
by J. Ennery (5610), covers the
Books of Kings and tells the story portions of Daniel, Esther, Ezra and Nehemiah,
Jonah and Job. The prophetic books are not treated. A few psalms are given in
an appendix, which also contains very brief discussions o f other biblical and
apocryphal books. (See nos. V and XI].
The publications here enumerated were all that the Society
succeeded in publishing. A fire which broke out in December
1851 in the place where the property of the Society was stored
is said to have given it its death blow. This could not have been
the only cause for its failure to carry on. No publications had
been issued for more than a year previous to the fire. The Society
had met with little encouragement, partly perhaps because of its
choice of material and partly because of the general and Jewish
environment. Yet the need for such an organization continued to
be obvious and eventually resulted in the second American Jewish
Publication Society (1873) which enjoyed an even briefer existence
than the first. The third effort, in 1888, resulted in the establish-
ment of the present Jewish Publication Society of America.