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A List of Selected Books of Jewish Interest
Published in the United States, 1939-1944
b y H
a r r y
c h n e i d e r m a n
The following list is based on American Jewish Bibliography in
Volumes 43, 44, 45, and 46 of the American Jewish Year Book.
These bibliographies were prepared by Mr. Harry J. Alderman,
librarian, and Miss Iva Cohen, acting librarian, of the American
Jewish Committee. The compiler is indebted to Rabbi Jacob S.
Minkin and Rabbi Philip Goodman for help in the selection of the
books listed. I t was the aim of the compiler to include only those
titles which in his judgment are books of permanent value.
i s tor y
a n d
rcha eology
A d l e r ,
C y r u s
and M a r g a l i t h , A a ron M. American intercession on behalf o f
Jews in the diplomatic correspondence o f the United States,
New York, American Jewish Historical Society,
xv i i -xxxv p.
(American Jewish Historical Society. Publications, No .
The present
volume aims to bring up to date the record o f American diplomatic activity
o f interest to Jews, begun in a monograph by Cyrus Adler, which was pub-
lished as No .
o f the Publications o f the American Jewish Historical Society.
B a r o n , S a l o
W i t t m a y e r .
The Jewish community; its history and structure to
the American revolution. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society o f America,
1942. 3
v. (Morris Loeb series). A “first attempt at a comprehensive historical
and sociological analysis o f the entire communal evolution to the Emancipa-
tion era.” v.
consists o f Notes , Bibliography and Index.
B r a u d e , W i l l i a m G o r d o n .
Jewish proselyting in the first five centuries of the
common era, the age of the Tannaim and Amoraim. Providence, R. I.,
Brown University, 1940. 142 p. (Studies, v. 6).
C o h e n , I s r a e l .
Vilna. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1943. xxiii,
531 p. (Jewish communities series). Covers the period from the year 1350
to the German occupation of Lithuania.
D r a z i n , N a t h a n .
History of Jewish education from 515 B. C.
E .
to 220 C.
E .
(during the periods of the Second Commonwealth and the Tannaim). Balti-
more, Johns Hopkins Press, 1940. 161 p. (Johns Hopkins University studies
in education, no. 29).
E l b o g e n , I sm a r .
A century of Jewish life. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1944. xliii, 814 p. Intended to bring Graetz’s
History of the Jews
to date.
G o o d m a n , P a u l .
A history of the Jews. Completely rev., and brought up to date.
Cleveland, World Pub. Co., 1943. xi, 169 p. (Tower books). “The text has
been revised and brought up to date in accordance with the latest findings,
events and statistics.”
G r e e n b e r g , L o u i s S t a n l e y .
The Jews in Russia. V. 1, the struggle for emancipa-
tion. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1944. ix, 210 p. (Yale University.
Yale historical publications. Miscellany, 45). The first in a proposed three
volume work. This volume covers the period to the death of Alexander II.
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