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contents: Minority groups in the United States. — The Jewish minority, by
Louis Finkelstein. — Ethnic and cultural minorities, by O. I. Janowsky.
N a m i e r , L e w i s B e r n s t e i n .
Conflicts; studies in contemporary history. New
York, Macmillan, 1942. viii, 222 p. Historical essays dealing with the world
situation and the position of the Jews in relation to it.
P i l c h , J u d a h .
Jewish life in our times. New York, Behrman, 1943. xii, 244 p.
An analysis of the cultural, social and organizational life of Jews in Europe
and America.
P i n s o n , K o p p e l
ed. Essays on antisemitism. New York, Conference on
Jewish Relations, 1942. xi, 202 p. (Jewish social studies. Publications, no. 2).
Historical, regional, and analytical studies of anti-Semitism by Ralph Marcus,
Solomon Grayzel, Joseph Reider, Guido Kisch, Samuel Rosenblatt, Mark
Vishniak, Raphael Mahler, Bernard Weinryb,
I. S.
Wechsler, J. R. Marcus,
and Zevi Diesendruck. .
R u p p i n , A r t h u r .
The Jewish fate and future; tr. by E. W. Dickes. New York,
Macmillan, 1940. 386 p.
sociological study, by the noted Zionist scholar.
, A
L e o n .
Sufferance is the badge. The Jew in the contemporary
world. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1940. xviii, 585 p., xiii. A survey o f
the position o f the Jews amid the swiftly changing conditions o f the contemp-
orary world.
S a m u e l , M a u r i c e .
The great hatred. New York, Knopf, 1940. 209 p. An
examination of the causes and implications of anti-Semitism, which is accord-
ing to the author, essentially an outgrowth of anti-Christianity.
S i l v e r , A b b a H i l l e l .
The world crisis and Jewish survival; a group of essays.
New York, Richard R. Smith, 1941. 221 p.
critical examination of the
position of the Jew and Judaism in the modern world.
S t r o n g , D o n a l d .
Organized anti-Semitism in America; the rise of group prej-
udice during the decade, 1930-40. Washington,
D .
C., American Council on
Public Affairs, 1941. 191 p. A comprehensive study of fascist organizations
in the United States.
T r a c h t e n b e r g , J o s h u a .
The devil and the Jews; the medieval conception of the
Jew and its relation to modern anti-semitism. New Haven, Yale University
Press, 1943. xiv, 279 p. (Yale University. Mary Cady Tew memorial fund).
The author is of the opinion that the fear and hatred of the Jew, prevalent
throughout the Western world, has its psychological origins in the Middle
W i s e , J am e s W a t e r m a n ,
L e v i n g e r , L e e J o s e p h .
Mr. Smith, meet Mr.
Cohen . . . New York, Reynal & Hitchcock, 1940. 182 p. An attempt to
create a better understanding of American Jews by their Gentile neighbors.
io n i sm
a n d
a l e s t i n e
G r a n o v s k y , A b r a h a m .
Land policy in Palestine. New York, Bloch, 1940. 208 p.
A n
authoritative analysis originally published in Hebrew and German in
1937. With a foreword by Israel Goldstein.
H a s h o m e r H a t z a i r O r g a n i z a t i o n .
Youth amidst the ruins; a chronicle of Jewish
youth in the war. New York, Scopus Pub. Co., 1941. 117 p. Excerpts from
diaries of members of the Zionist youth organization in Poland.
H e r z l , T h e o d o r .
Excerpts from his diaries [tr. by Maurice Samuel and Joel
Lipsky; selected by Mordecai Newman; with an introduction by Pierre van
Paassen and a preface by Emanuel Neumann] New York, Scopus Pub. Co.,
1941. 143 p. (Jewish pocket library).
---------Old-new land (“Altneuland”); tr. from the original German by Lotta
Levensohn. With a preface by Stephen S. Wise. New York, Bloch, 1941.
296 p. ־ First complete English translation of Herzl’s classic novel envisioning
a Zionist Commonwealth in Palestine.
---------The Jewish state; an attempt at a modern solution of the Jewish question.
Foreword by Chaim Weizmann. New York, Scopus Pub. Co., 1943. I l l p.
A revised edition of a famous work on Zionism first published in 1896.
H e s s , M o s e s .
Rome and Jerusalem; a study in Jewish nationalism. Tr. from the
German by Meyer Waxman. New York, Bloch, 1943. 265 p. A new edition
of a well-known work on Jewish nationalism.
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