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L e v e n s o h n , L o t t a .
Outline of Zionist history. Sponsored by the Keren Kayemeth
Leisrael (Jewish National Fund) and Keren Hayesod (Palestine Foundation
Fund). New York, Scopus Pub. Co., 1941. 157 p.
L o w d e r m i l k , W a l t e r C l a y .
Palestine, Land of Promise. New York and London,
Harper and Bros., 1944. 236 p. The purpose of the book is to indicate the
means for restoring the soil of Palestine to its ancient life — giving vitality
for a large agricultural community.
Harper and Bros. The purpose of the book is to indicate the means for
restoring the soil of Palestine to its ancient life — giving vitality for a large
agricultural community.
ew s
i n
t h e
n i t e d
t a t e s
D a v i d s o n , G a b r i e l .
Our Jewish farmeis and the story of the Jewish Agricultural
Society. New York, Fischer, 1943. ix, 280 p. An historical account of the
Jewish Agricultural Society during its 40 years of activity, together with a
brief survey of Jewish agricultural colonization in the United States in the
19th century.
F r i e d m a n , L e e M a x .
Jewish pioneers and patriots. With a preface by A. S. W.
Rosenbach. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1942.
xvii, 430 p. Also published by Macmillan. An account of the part played
by the Jews in the life and history of the United States from colonial times to
the present.
J a n o w s k y , O s c a r I s a i a h ,
ed. The American Jew; a composite portrait. New
York, Harper, 1942. xiv, 322 p. Contents: Historical background, by O. I.
Janowsky.— Judaism and the synagogue, by David de Sola Pool.— Jewish
education — achievements and needs, by I. B. Berkson.— The cultural scene:
literary expression, by Marie Syrkin.— Hebrew in Jewish culture, by A. S.
Halkin.— Structure of the Jewish community, by A.
G .
Duker.— Economic
trends, by Nathan Reich.— Anti-Semitism, by J. J. Weinstein.— Current
philosophies of Jewish life, by Milton Steinberg.— Zionism in American
Jewish life, by Sulamith Schwartz.— Conclusion, by O. I. Janowsky.—
Evaluation of the portrait of American Jewish living: The Jewish community
and the outside world, by
G .
N. Shuster.— The national being and the Jewish
community, by H. M. Kallen.— Selected bibliography.
K a g a n , S o l o m o n R o b e r t .
Jewish contributions to medicine in America (1656-
1934) with medical chronology, bibliography and (69) illustrations. Boston,
Boston medical publishing company, 1934. 549 p.
e l ig io n
a n d
h i l o so ph y
The Pentateuch and Haftorahs; Hebrew text, English translation, and commentary.
Ed. by Joseph Herman Hertz, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain. New York,
Metzudah Pub. Co., 1941. 2 v. American edition. Originally published
in London by the Soncino Press.
A g u s , J a c o b
B. Modern philosophies of Judaism; a study of recent Jewish philos-
ophies of religion. New York, Behrman, 1941. xii, 388 p. With special
attention to the philosophies of Hermann Cohen, Franz Rosenzweig, Martin
Buber, and Mordecai M. Kaplan.
B a d e r , G e r s h o m .
Jewish spiritual heroes; the lives and works of the rabbinical
teachers from the beginning of the “Great Synagogue” to the final completion
of the Talmud; seven centuries of Jewish thought. [English by Solomon
Katz] New York, Pardes, 1940. 3 v.
B a h y a b e n J o s e p h i b n P a k u d a .
Duties of the heart; tr. from the Arabic into
Hebrew by Jehuda ibn Tibbon. Second treatise on the examination of created
things and third treatise on the service of God, with English translation by
Rev. Moses Hyamson. New York, Bloch, 1941. 78, 78 p. Hebrew text and
English translation.
B a r o n , S a l o W i t t m a y e r ,
ed. Essays on Maimonides; an octocentennial volume.
New York, Columbia University Press, 1941. 316 p. Prepared by a number
of distinguished scholars.
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