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C r o n b a c h , A b r a h a m .
The Bible and our social outlook. Cincinnati, Union of
American Hebrew Congregations, 1941. x, 383 p.
series of discussions of
modern social problems in the light of biblical teachings, with aids to further
study and discussion by adult education groups.
D a i c h e s , D a v i d .
The King James version of the English Bible; an account of
the development and sources of the English Bible of 1611 with special reference
to the Hebrew tradition. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1941. 228 p.
E p s t e i n , L o u i s
M. Marriage laws in the Bible and the Talmud. Cambridge,
Mass., Harvard University Press, 1942. x, 362 p. (Harvard Semitic series,
v. 12).
F i n k e l s t e i n , L o u i s ,
ed. Rab Saadia Gaon; studies in his honor. New York,
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1944. xi, 191, [22] p. Six essays in
tribute to Saadia Gaon, presented at meetings held under the auspices of the
Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Selected bibliography; p. 185-191.
F r e e h o f , S o l o m o n B e n n e t t .
Small sanctuary; Judaism in the prayerbook.
Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1942. xv, 302 p.
(Commission on Jewish Education of the American Hebrew Congregations
and the Central Conference of American Rabbis. Union adult series).
H e l l e r , B e r n a r d .
The odyssey of a faith. New York, Harper, 1942. xvii, 277 p.
The history of the Jewish faith and culture during the past three thousand
H i r s c h , S a m s o n R a p h a e l .
The nineteen letters of Ben Uziel; being a spiritual
presentation of the principles of Judaism; tr. by Bernard Drachman; together
with a preface and a biographical sketch of the author by the translator.
New York, Bloch, 1942. xxxvii, 222 p. First published in 1899. An exposition
by the founder of “Neo-Orthodoxy.”
H u s i k , I s a a c .
A history of medieval Jewish philosophy. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1941. 1, 466 p. Re-issue of a standard work, with
bibliography brought up to date.
, M
. Judaism in transition. New York, Behrman,
1941. 312
p. Re-issue o f a volume o f essays by the founder o f Reconstruction-
ism, with a new preface by Ira Eisenstein, Eugene Kohn, and Milton Steinberg.
K l a u s n e r , J o s e p h .
From Jesus to Paul. Tr. from the Hebrew by William F.
Stinespring. New York, Macmillan, 1943. 640 p. A study of the beginnings
of Christianity.
K o h l e r , K a u f m a n n .
Jewish theology, systematically and historically considered.
Cincinnati, Riverdale Press, 1943. xiii, 505 p. A reissue of a well-known work
first published in 1918.
N e u m a n , A b r a h a m A a r o n ,
Z e i t l i n , S o l o m o n ,
eds. Saadia studies. Phila-
delphia, Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 1943. 293 p. Seven
studies in commemoration of the 1,000th anniversary of the death of Saadia
R o s m a r i n ,
T. W. Judaism and Christianity: The differences. New York, The
Jewish Book Club, 1943. 158 p.
S o l i s - C o h e n , E m i l y ,
ed. Hanukkah; the feast of lights [2d ed., rev.] Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1940. 400 p. A compilation of essays,
readings, and program material.
Z e i t l i n , S o l o m o n .
Religious and secular leadership. Pt. 1. Philadelphia, Dropsie
College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 1943. xvi, 117 p. Contents: Rashi
and the rabbinate.— The opposition to the spiritual leaders appointed by
the government.— Saadia Gaon — champion for Jewish unity under religious
leadership.— The struggle between Babylonia and Palestine for hegemony.
The first three originally published as articles in the
Jewish Quarterly Review.
i t e r a t u r e
A s c h , S h o l e m .
Children of Abraham; short stories. Tr. by Maurice Samuel.
New York, Putnam, 1942. vi, 433 p. A representative collection of twenty-
nine stories and sketches written by the noted Yiddish novelist during the
past three decades.
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