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A d l e r , C y r u s .
I have considered the days. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1941. 447 p. The memoirs of the late American Jewish scholar and
communal leader. With a foreword by A. S. W. Rosenbach.
Am er ican Academy
f o r
J ew i sh R e s e a r c h . Rashi anniversary volume. [Ed. by
H . L. Ginsberg] New York, The Academy, 1941. 248 p. (Texts and studies,
v. 1). Essays on Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac o f Troyes, France, on the occasion
o f the 900th anniversary o f his birth, by Alexander Marx, Ismar E lbogen ,
B. D . Weinryb, S. W. Baron, Aron Freimann, Herman Hailperin, Viktor
Aptowitzer, Michael Higger, and Boaz Cohen.
B e in , A l e x .
Theodore Herzl; a biography. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1940. 545 p.
authoritative study of the founder of modern
political Zionism.
E p s t e i n , J a c o b .
Let there be sculpture. New York, Putnam, 1940. 393 p.
Reminiscences of the American-born sculptor, long resident in England, whose
works have often provoked controversies.
K l a u s n e r , J o s e p h .
Menahem Ussishkin; his life and work. New York, Scopus
Pub. Co., 1942. 158 p. A biography of the late leader of the Zionist movement.
L o w e n t h a l , M a r v i n .
Henrietta Szold, life and letters. New York, Viking,
1942. ix, 350 p. A full-length biographical portrait of the noted American
Jewess and Zionist leader.
M ad a r iaga , S a l v a d o r
d e .
Christopher Columbus; being the life o f the very
magnificent lord Don Cristobal Colon. New York, Macmillan,
1940. 524
Madariaga supports the contention that Columbus was o f Spanish Jewish
, A
, and C
H a r r y
I. The man who stayed in Texas; the life o f
Rabbi Henry Cohen. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1941. 322 p. About a popular
figure o f the Southwest whose career has been devoted to the furthering o f
tolerance and good will.
N o r d a u , A n n a ,
N o r d a u , M a x a .
Max Nordau; a biography. Tr. from the
French. New York, Nordau Committee, 1943. vi, 440 p.
biography of
the noted author and Zionist leader by his widow and daughter.
P o s e n e r ,
S. Adolphe Cr6mieux: a biography. Tr. from the French by Eugene
Golob. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1941. 293 p. Life of the
nineteenth-century French statesman and founder of the Alliance Isra61ite
S c h w a r z , L e o W a l d e r ,
ed. Memoirs of my people; through a thousand years.
New York, Farrar, 1943. xxvi, 597 p. Selections from Jewish autobiographical
writings from the early 11th century to the present time.
e f e r e n c e
a n d
n n u a l s
The American Jewish year book; Vols. 42-46: 5701-5705. Ed. by Harry Schneider-
man for the American Jewish Committee. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1940-1944.
The universal Jewish encyclopedia; an authoritative and popular presentation of
Jews and Judaism since the earliest times; Ed. by Isaac Landman; Louis
Rittenberg, executive and literary editor. New York, Universal Jewish
Encyclopedia, Inc., 1940-43. 10 vols. For description of this work see “Jewish
Encyclopedias” by Julius H. Greenstone, in
Jewish Book Annual
for 1943-44,
pp. 54-56.
i s c e l l a n e o u s
F r i e d e n w a l d , H a r r y .
The Jews and medicine; essays. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins
Press, 1944. 2 v. (Johns Hopkins University. Institute of the History of
Medicine. Publications, 1st series. Monographs, v. 2-3). A history of early
Jewish physicians and the contributions of Jews to the science of medicine.
Many of the essays previously appeared in other publications.