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The following is a selected rather than exhaustive list of peri-
odicals within our tri-lingual press. The aim has been to include
only publications whose interpretive reflection of contemporary
Jewish life and whose literary and cultural tone make them of
general interest. There are weekly prints of fine quality in Chi-
cago, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Detroit,
and elsewhere, but they are primarily of local character. Like-
wise we refrained from listing the great Yiddish dailies whose
importance in every way is tremendous but whose prestige is
too well known to require special mention.
m e r i c a n
ew i s h
e a r
B o o k ( fd . 1 8 9 9 )
Edited for the American Jewish Committee by Harry Schneiderman and pub-
lished by The Jewish Publication Society of America. Contains up-to-date statis-
tical information, directories of and data on Jewish organizations in the United
States and Canada. Full-length special articles on a large variety of subjects,
biographical studies of outstanding departed personalities, anniversaries and
necrologies are among numerous features. An indispensable guide to the Jewish
scene here and abroad.
e b r e w
n i o n
o l lege
n n u a l
( fd . 1 9 2 4 )
English, German and Hebrew. Board of Directors: David Philipson, Julian
Morgenstern, Sheldon Blank. One of the few highly specialized scholarly publica-
tions in the United States. Devoted to the scientific study of Jewish history and
literature,in which full-length studies on a wide range of subjects figure prominently.
i s to r ia
u d a ic a
( fd . 1 9 3 8 )
Semi-annual. Edited by Prof. Guido Kisch. A journal of specialized studies
in Jewish history and cognate subjects with particular reference to medieval
history. While scholarly and technical throughout, it contains material of general
reader interest.
h e
ew i s h
e v i e w
( f d . 1 9 4 3 )
Semi-annual. Yiddish and English. Published by the Teachers’ Seminary and
People’s University. Edited by Bernard D. Weinryb. Devoted to the study and
cultivation of Jewish thought. The initial numbers give promise of a journal
meriting close attention.
ew i s h
d u c a t i o n
( fd . 1 9 2 9 )
Quarterly. Published by the National Council for Jewish Education. Ben
Rosen, editor. This journal is not restricted to the limited field to which it is
nominally devoted.
ew i s h
u a r t e r l y
e v i e w
( fd . 1 8 8 8 )
A journal of Jewish scholarship launched in England and there edited by the
late Israel Abrahams and Claude G. Montefiore. While containing in the main
scientific articles on Jewish history and literature, it deals occasionally with cur-
rent topics. Many of Prof. Solomon Schechter’s best known essays first appeared
there. Since 1910 the
Jewish Quarterly Review
has been published by Dropsie
College, Philadelphia. Now edited by Abraham A. Neuman and Solomon Zeitlin.
Particularly noteworthy is the Saadia Volume (No. XXX III).
J e w i s h S o c i a l S e r v i c e Q u a r t e r l y ( f d . 1 9 2 4 )
Published by the National Conference of Jewish Social Welfare and edited by
Dr. Alexander S. Kohanski. A record of trends and developments in American
Jewish communal life with occasional articles of general interest, particularly on
subjects relating to post-war problems.
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