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J e w i s h S o c i a l S t u d i e s ( fd . 1 9 3 9 )
Quarterly. Editors: Salo W. Baron, Morris R. Cohen, Koppel S. Pinson; manag-
ing editor: Theodor H. Gaster. A thoughtful scholarly publication, providing
valuable material for the student of contemporary Jewish history on an inter-
national scale.
J o u r n a l o f J e w i s h B i b l i o g r a p h y ( fd . 1 9 3 8 )
A quarterly, repository of bibliographical information and facts pertaining to
Jewish booklore, published in English, German and Hebrew. Edited by Joshua
c r i p t a
a th em a t ic a
( fd . 1 9 3 2 )
A quarterly journal devoted to the philosophy, history and expository treatment
of mathematics. Edited by Prof. Jekuthiel Ginsburg with the cooperation of a
number of scholars associated with learned institutions in Europe, Asia and the
United States. Published by Yeshiva College, New York. While there is nothing
specifically Jewish about this publication, it is unique in its scientific excellence
and in that it bears the sponsorship of a school of higher Talmudic learning.
h e
h icago
ew i s h
o rum
( fd . 1 9 4 3 )
Quarterly. Editor: Benjamin Weintroub. A new publication giving every indica-
tion of a potentially first-rate literary and scholarly journal. Its content is rich and
diversified; the contributors are gifted and versatile. The Jewish cultural scene
is portrayed vividly.
h e
ew i s h
e n t e r
( fd . 1 9 2 2 )
Published quarterly by the National Jewish Welfare Board. Editor: Charles S.
Bernheimer. Principally devoted to Jewish communal and organizational studies
but containing trenchant articles on other, especially social, problems as well.
h e
ew i s h
e a c h e r
( fd . 1 9 3 2 )
Quarterly, edited by Emanuel Gamoran. Principally a vehicle for Hebrew and
religious school curricula and project studies.
h e
e n o r a h
o u r n a l
( fd . 1 9 1 5 )
Quarterly. Published by The Menorah Association, Inc.; edited by Henry
Hurwitz. A discerning magazine of high literary standards in the number of first-
rate scholars and writers whose wings have grown in its pages. Originally published
monthly, it continues to maintain a leading place among literary publications.
o n t em po r a r y
ew i s h
( fd . 1 9 3 8 )
Editor: Adolph S. Oko. Published bi-monthly by the American Jewish Com-
mittee. A semi-scholarly journal providing informative and provocative reading
material to a diverse audience. Jacques Mari tain, George Schuster, Waldo Frank,
reflect the caliber of its list of contributors.
io n ew s
( fd . 1 9 4 0 )
Bi-monthly. Editor: B. Netanyahu. Forthright in its advocacy of the Revi-
sionist philosophy in Zionism.
F u r r o w s ( fd . 1 9 4 2 )
A monthly issued by Habonim, Labor-Zionist Youth, edited with considerable
competence and understanding by Kieve Skidell.
a d a s s a h
ew s l e t t e r
( fd . 1 9 14 )
Monthly. Editor: Sulamith Schwartz. Besides Palestine news, editorials and
book reviews, it publishes articles of cultural value to all classes of readers.
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