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e b r e w
n i o n
o l l eg e
o n t h l y
( fd . 1 9 1 3 )
Editors: Charles E. Israel and Randall M. Falk. The title is a misnomer in
tha t while devoting some space to the theological school bearing its name and
occasionally printing sermons, this journal is really a well-edited literary magazine
of general usefulness.
ew i s h
r o n t i e r
( fd . 1 9 3 4 )
Monthly; organ of the League for Labor Palestine; edited by Hayim Greenberg.
A vigorous magazine reflecting Zionist ideology in a highly competent and en-
lightened manner. Contains also contributions on other subjects.
J e w i s h O u t l o o k ( f d . 1 9 3 6 )
A religious monthly published by the Mizrachi Organization of America. Editor:
Gedaliah Bublick; managing editor: Abraham Burstein. I t is devoted principally
to the promotion of Orthodox Judaism from the Mizrachi standpoint.
i b e r a l
u d a i sm
( fd . 1 9 4 3 )
Illustrated monthly, official organ of the Union of American Hebrew Congre-
gations. Editor-in-chief: Louis Rittenberg. This journal aims “ to foster Progres-
sive Judaism and the advancement of the spiritual and cultural ideals of Israel
and mankind.” Its pages are open to every legitimate expression of literary and
cultural endeavor in Jewish life, in whatever tongue.
a t io n a l
ew i s h
o n t h l y
( fd . 1 8 8 6 )
Published by B’nai B’rith. Managing Editor: Edward E. Grusd. An illustrated
monthly featuring primarily news of B’nai B’rith, but not without interest to those
seeking information on the current Jewish scene.
e w
u r r e n t s
( fd . 1 9 4 3 )
Monthly. Editors: Joseph Brainin, Frederic Ewen, Albert E. Kahn. Espousing
progressive ideological tendencies, the journal nevertheless has a general appeal,
notably in its literary articles. The promotion of friendship with the Soviet Union
is a major objective. The Yiddish
is its sister organ.
p i n i o n
( fd . 1 9 3 1 )
Editor: Stephen S. Wise. A monthly devoted to the interpretation of Jewish
life and thought on a high intellectual and stylistic level.
T h e J e w i s h F o r u m ( f d . 1 9 1 7 )
Monthly. Editor: Isaac Rosengarten. Originally designed to reflect the literary
and cultural viewpoint of Orthodox Judaism, its masthead now reads: “Devoted
to uniting Jew and non-Jew in safeguarding Democracy.”
T h e J e w i s h S p e c t a t o r ( fd . 1 9 3 5 )
A monthly, edited by Trude Weiss-Rosmarin. While ostensibly Orthodox in
tendency, it is not narrowly so. Its literary columns reflect the gamut of Jewish
interests, with a considerable stress on theological subjects.
o u n g
u d a e a n
( fd . 1 9 0 9 )
An attractive illustrated monthly designed for the Jewish youth. Edited with
discriminating taste and skill by Aharon Kessler and Deborah Pessin.
a l e s t i n e
( fd . 1 9 2 1 )
A bi-weekly devoted to Jewish affairs. Managing editor: Isidore Cooperman;
editorial writer: Ludwig Lewisohn. While the exposition of the Zionist philosphy
is its principal task, it is not a narrow propaganda organ. Literary and semi-
scholarly contributions have made it a journal of wide appeal.
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