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e c o n s t r u c t io n i s t
( fd . 1 9 3 5 )
A bi-weekly published by the Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation, Inc.
Mordecai M. Kaplan, chairman, editorial board; Ira Eisenstein, associate chairman;
Eugene Kohn, managing editor. This publication exerts considerable influence
among rabbis and progressive laymen.
o rld
v e r
( fd . 1 9 3 8 )
Published bi-weekly by the Jewish Education Committee of New York. A picture
news magazine for children and youth. Editor: Maurice Spector.
o n g r e s s
e e k l y
( fd . 1 9 4 0 )
Published by the American Jewish Congress. Samuel Caplan, editor; M. Bor-
aisha, editorial writer. Editorials and articles are of a fine tone, covering nearly
every shade of economic and political doctrine, with particular emphasis on news
from abroad.
o u th
a n d
a t i o n
( H
a s h om e r
a z a ir
) ( fd . 1 9 3 4 )
Monthly. Published in Hebrew and English. Editor: S. Ben-Zvi.
S e f e r H a s h a n a h
(fd. 1935)
The American Hebrew Year Book. Editor: Menachem Ribalow. Published by
the Histadrut Ivrit of America. An important collection of poems, essays, literary,
and historical studies, mainly by American writers, representing every vital phase
of creative Jewish thought in the Hebrew language in this country.
a r o f e
a i v r i
( fd . 1 9 2 7 )
Semi-annual medical journal unique in its field. Editor: Moses Einhorn. The
latest issue (Volume 1,1944) is dedicated entirely to the memory of the late Hebrew
poet, Saul Tchernichovsky, who was a physician by profession.
H o r e b ( fd . 1 9 3 4 )
A semi-annual Hebrew journal devoted to research in Jewish history and liter-
ature. Published by the Teachers Institute of the Yeshiva College and edited by
Pinkhos Churgin. Intended for specialized rather than popular use, the journal
contains a large variety of studies in Jewish history, Bible, Talmud, and liturgy.
iv o n
a t o n
( fd . 1 9 43 )
A quarterly devoted almost entirely to poetry, issued by the Hebrew Poetry
Society of America, and edited by Abraham Regelson, poet and essayist.
h e v i l e
a c h i n u c h
( fd . 1 9 4 0 )
A Hebrew pedagogic quarterly, edited by Zevi Scharfstein.
a l p io th
( fd . 1 9 4 3 )
A quarterly dedicated to Jewish law and ethics. Edited by Samuel K. Mirsky;
associate editor, Samuel L. Sar. Publishes original studies in Talmudic and histori-
cal subjects, contributed by outstanding authorities in their respective fields.
Niv (fd. 1938)
A Hebrew bi-monthly for youth. Edited by Yaakov KabakofF.
B i t z a r o n ( fd . 1 9 39 )
Hebrew monthly. Edited by Chaim Tchernowitz (Rav Zair). The literary
tradition of the old Hashiloah is maintained in this publication to a high degree
by articles of authentic scholarship as well as by comments on the contemporary
Jewish scene. Some of the more important contributions are summarized in
— 57 —