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a d o a r
a n o a r
( fd . 1 9 3 5 )
A Hebrew bi-weekly for youth. Edited by Daniel Persky.
ad o a r
( fd . 1 9 2 1 )
Editor: Menachem Ribalow. Originally a daily, it became a weekly under its
present editorship. The oldest and most influential Hebrew periodical in the
United States, adroitly blending belles lettres, journalism and scholarly research.
Alive with the modern spirit and enlightened vision.
a im
u n d
e r z i h u n g
( fd . 1 9 3 5 )
Editor: Irving Goldberg. A magazine for Jewish teachers and parents, published
by the Jewish Children’s School of the International Workers Circles. Appears
Y i d d i s h e S h p r a k h
(fd. 1941)
A philological bi-monthly devoted to the problem of standardizing the Yiddish
language, published by the Yiddish Scientific Institute. Editor: Yudel Mark.
B l e t e r
(fd. 1931)
A journal for literary and scientific research, published bi-monthly (except
July and August) by the Society of Friends of the Yiddish Scientific Institute, Inc.,
American Branch. The creative scientific spirit fostered by
Yivo Bleter
has mani-
fested itself in a number of original studies on a wide variety of subjects which
appear periodically in its pages. Editors: Max Weinreich and Yudel Mark.
Y i d d i s h e F o l k ( fd . 1 9 1 0 )
Published monthly from October to May (semi-monthly in August) by the
Zionist Organization of America. Literary and propaganda journal. Editor:
Simon Bernstein.
K i n d e r J o u r n a l
(fd. 1920)
Illustrated Yiddish monthly for Jewish youth. Editor: Samuel Niger.
i d d i s h e
u l t u r
( fd . 1 9 3 8 )
Literary monthly. Editor: Nachman Maisel.
Z u k u n f t
(fd. 1892)
Yiddish monthly. Edited by S. Niger, David Pinsky and Hillel Rogoff. A
periodical of power and distinction. In prose and verse it attests the abundant
vitality of Yiddish literature in this country. I t ceased publication at various times
but resumed with revived strength and enthusiasm.
i n i k e i t
( f d . 1 9 4 4 )
Published bi-weekly by the American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists
and Scientists, Inc. A cultural magazine of liberal tendencies and devoted to the
fostering of friendship with the Soviet Union. Edited by B. Z. Goldberg.
, in English, is a companion organ.
r e i e
r b e i t e r
h t imm e
( fd . 1 8 9 0 )
Labor literary weekly. Editor: Herman Frank.
id d i s h e r
e m p f e r
( fd . 1 9 3 2 )
A weekly organ of the Poale Zion-Zeire Zion of America which derives its great-
est strength and influence from its brilliant editor, Hayim Greenberg.
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