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Compiled by
a r r y
c h n e i d e r m a n
The following information regarding outstanding Jewish men of
letters who died in 1943 was compiled on the basis of data pub-
lished in the American Jewish Year Book, Vol. 45, or prepared for
inclusion in Vol. 46 of the same work, and on other reliable sources.
In most instances, the data given in the Year Book has been
especially revised and supplemented for inclusion in the Jewish
Book Annual. The compiler gratefully acknowledges the help of
Rabbi Jacob S. Minkin in the selection of the persons included in
this list, and of Mr. Albert Leeman of the staff of the library of
the American Jewish Committee, who supplied the titles of books
and other essential details. The works cited are representative of
the authors’ literary activities and not intended to be complete
B e n A v i , I t t a m a r ,
editor, Zionist leader;
b .
Jerusalem; founder,
, first
Hebrew newspaper in Palestine; formerly editor,
Palestine Daily M a il
) and
Palestine Weekly,
Jerusalem; editor of two Hebrew weeklies
in Latin characters,
Ha-shavua ha-Palestini
(1929) and
(1934). Author
Ha-Kerav, Berakim
Kolah shel Yerushalayim, Ha-kothel kathlenu, Milon
shemut hadashim u-muhdashim, Ha-yamah.
During World War I twice jailed
by Turkish authorities in Palestine for pro-allied activities; member, Zionist
delegation to Peace Conference, Versailles, 1919; in recent years Zionist
lecturer in the U. S.; aged 60; East Orange, N. J. April 18, 1943.
C ap lan , Ephraim, journalist; b. Shat, Lithuania, Sept. 14, 1879; came to U . S.,
1901; member, staff,
Jewish Daily News',
contributor to
Hamelitz, Hazefirah,
Der Amerikaner
pres.. Orthodox Synagogue Council; dir., Jewish Nat iona l
Fund; member, governing com., Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary;
pres., Council for Orthodox Jewish Education; member, administrative com.,
Mizrachi Zionist Org.; religious ed.,
Jewish Morning Journal',
Brooklyn, N . Y . ,
Oct. 7, 1943.
C o w e n , P h i l i p ,
editor, immigration official; b. New York, N. Y., July 26, 1853;
a founder, publ. and manag. ed., for 27 years,
American Hebrew
; inspector,
U. S. Immigration Service, 1905-1927; sent to Russia by Pres. Theodore
Roosevelt to investigate Jewish pogroms, 1906; active in B’nai B’rith for over
50 years; author,
Memories of an American Jew,
1932; New Rochelle, N. Y.,
April 20, 1943.
D r u c k , D a v i d ,
writer; b. Latvia; came to U. S., 1920; on ed. staff,
Jewish Morning
New York; author of biographies of Baron Edmond de Rothschild,
Saadia Gaon, Judah Halevi, Prof. Louis Ginzberg; of
Zu der geschichte fun
der yiddisher presse,
Die meforshim fun der Torah\
aged 60; New York,
N. Y., June 17, 1943.
E i s e n s t a d t , M o s e s ,
rabbi, b. Russia; came to U. S., April, 1941; Chief Rabbi of
Leningrad until 1925; religious head of Orthodox Russian Jewish emigres in
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