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Paris, 1925-1941; author of
Mehaye Bene Litd
(1893), a Hebrew work de-
scriptive of the life of the Jews of Lithuania;
Bibelkritik in der talmudischen
(1894); translated Chwolson’s work on Hebrew printing into Hebrew
Reshith maaseh hadefus beyisrael
(1897); New York, Nov. 7, 1943.
E l b o g e n , I sm a r ,
historian; b. Germany, Sept. 1, 1874; lecturer, Lehranstalt fur
die Wissenschaft des Judentums, Berlin, 1902-1919; professor of Jewish
religion, 1919-1933; came to U. S., 1933, at invitation of Hebrew Union
College, Jewish Institute of Religion, and Jewish Theological Seminary;
awarded honorary degree of Doctor of Hebrew Letters by Jewish Theological
Seminary, 1937; research professor, Jewish Theological Seminary; authority
on Jewish liturgy; joint editor of
Encyclopedia Judaica, Jiidisches Lexikon
Germania Judaica;
member of bd. of the Judaic Institute and the Council
and Academy of Hebrew University; a leading member of the board of the
Collected Archives (Gesamtarchiv) of the German Jews, of the Academy for
the Science of Judaism at Berlin, of the Society for Furthering .the Science of
Judaism (Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaft des Judentums),
president of the Society for Jewish History and Literature; one of the editors
Zeitschriftfiir die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland;
author of
Gottesdienst in seiner historischen Entwicklung, History of the Jews after thefa l l
of the Jewish State, A Century of Jewish Life;
New York, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1943.
H e s s e n , J o s e f ,
publicist, author;
b .
Odessa, Russia, 1866; resigned from Russian
Ministry of Finance in protest against KishinefF massacre, 1903; founder,
ed., 1906-47, of newspaper
(St. Petersburg); member, Second Duma;
went to Finland, 1918; settled in Berlin, Germany, 1920, and founded Russian
author of works on legal matters, incl. a history of Russian lawyers;
edited, in collaboration with W. Fridstein,
Sbornik Zakonov
a collection of laws concerning the Jews of Russia; edited twenty-two volumes
Arkhiv Russkoy Revoluzii,
which contain data on the Jews in Russia; came
to Paris, 1931, to the U. S., 1940; New York, N. Y., March 22, 1943.
H u r w i t z , S a m u e l
L i t w i n ,
pseud.), writer; b. Minsk, Russia; came to U.
S . ,
1901; pioneer in Poale Zion movement in U .S.; literary dir., Folksbildung
Publishing House; founder, Jewish workers’ colony, “Harmony,” near Plain-
field, N. J.; author of
Yiddishe neshomes, In Arbeit un noit, In der neier heim
Of Human Crossing;
aged 81; New York, N. Y.; reported March 12, 1943.
K a u f m a n , A n t o n ,
publisher; b. Csenger, Hungary, Oct.
6 ,
1882; came to
U . S . ,
1905; founder (1915), ed., publ.,
Jewish Chronicle
, Detroit, Mich., to 1921;
founder (1921), ed., publ.,
Jewish Chronicle
, Newark, N. J., dir., Jewish
Anti-Tuberculosis League; author of
Jews in Napoleonic era
(Berlin, 1903);
ed. of
Jewish Community Blue Book;
Newark, N. J., Jan. 1, 1943.
L a n d a u , S a u l R a p h a e l ,
lawyer, co-worker of Herzl and writer on Zionism;
b .
Krakau, Poland, 1869; author of
Sturm und Drang im Zionismus
(in Polish),
Unter juedischen Proletariern, Der Polenklub und seine Hausjuden;
Die Welt, Der juedische Arbeiter, Neue Nationalzeitung;
L e v i t i n , B e n j a m i n ,
journalist; b. Potchep, Russia, Sept. 25, 1890; came to U. S.
1906; ed.,
Jewish Daily Forward
, 1923-1929; treas., Workmen’s Circle; mem-
ber exec, com., Jewish Writers’ Union; Brooklyn, N. Y., 1943.
M a g i d o f f , J a c o b ,
journalist; b. Odessa, Russia, June 22, 1869; came to N. Y. C.
1886; assoc, ed., Arbeiter Zeitung, 1894; city ed.,
, 1896-1899,
Daily News,
Jewish Morning Journal
42 yrs.; charter member, Newspaper Club of N. Y.; author of
Mirrors of the
East Side,
in Yiddish; Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1943.
Mas liansky, Zvi H irsh , Zionist leader, teacher, orator; b. Slutzk (Minsk),
Russia, May 16, 1856; principal, Hebrew public school, Pinsk, 1882-1890;
lectured on Zionism in Russia and U. S.; co-founder, first Russian Zionist
soc., 1881; came to U.S., 1895; pres., ed.,
Die Yiddishe Welt,
vice-pres., Federation of American Zionists, 1900-1910; dir., Israel Matz
Foundation, since 1925, and of Yeshivahs and Talmud Torahs in N. Y.;
author of 2 vols. of sermons in Yiddish, later translated into English; memoirs
in Yiddish; collection of articles in Hebrew (3 vols.); Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan.
11, 1943.
N e u h a u s e n , S im o n
A., rabbi; b. Finland; came to U.
S . ,
1903; author of
or le-ho-Rambam;
ed. of
I shim u-sefarim be-tosefot
by Peretz Tarshish, and of
Otzar ha-misparim
by Israel Zeligman; aged 75; Baltimore, Md., Dec. 14, 1943.
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