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Z h i t l ow s k y , Chaim, Yiddish writer, Socialist revolutionary; b. Oushatshi, Russia,
25, 1865;
a founder, Social Revolutionary Party in Russia,
in New York, N . Y. ,
Dos Naye Leben
, 1909-1914;
The Day
, since
leader o f Zionist Labor group; hon. pres., Yiddish
Scientific Institute , Vilno; hon. chm., Jewish Council for Russian War Relief;
author o f books on Jewish nationalism, philosophy; on lecture tour in Calgary,
Canada, May
6, 1943.
A p t ow i t z e r , V i k t o r (Av igdor ) , professor, author; b. Tarnopol, Galicia, Poland,
16, 1871;
moved to Vienna, Austria,
prof. o f Midrash
and Biblical exegesis at Jewish Theological Seminary, Vienna; went to Jeru-
salem, Pal.,
hon. member, Jewish Studies Institute; Hebrew Univ.;
author o f
Das Schriftwort in der rabbinischen Literatur
Parteipolitik der Has-
Kain und Abel in der Agada
TJntersuchungen zur gaonaeischen
o f Eliezer ben Joel Halevi; Jerusalem. Palestine; reported
11, 1942.
B a l a b a n , M e y e r ,
historian; b. Lemberg, Poland, 1877; dir., Tahkemoni Seminary,
Warsaw, 1920; ed.,
Nowe Zycie
, 1924; lecturer, Institute of Jewish Science;
prof. of Jewish history, Univ. of Warsaw since 1928; author of
Historja i
literatura Zydowska
(3 vol., 1924-25), (a history of the Jews and their litera-
Die Judenstadt Lublin
Die Geschichte der Juden in Krakau
Yiden in
Poilen, Toldot ha-tenuah ha-Frankit;
while deported from Warsaw, Poland;
reported March 29, 1943.
Carp, Horia , a former leader of Roumanian Jewry, b. Harlau, Roumania, 1869,
went to Palestine, about 1933. Former member of (Roum.) Senate. Transl.
into Roumanian part of Graetz’s
History of the Jews
, Herzl’s
works of M. M. Sforim, J. L. Peretz, and Sholom Aleichem; Sec.-Gen. of the
Union of Jewish Communities in Roumania; Jerusalem, Palestine; aged 74;
reported Dec. 3, 1943.
C h a s t s h e v a t z k i , M o i s h e ,
Yiddish poet, in action with Russian forces; aged 45;
reported Dec. 17, 1943.
D i l i o n , Y e c h e s k e l ,
author; leading Revisionist and founder of Betar org. in
Lithuania; staff member, Kaunas
Yiddishe Stimme\
evacuated to Siberia;
Siberia, U. S. S. R.; reported Dec. 18, 1942.
Dubnow , Simon, historian; b. Mstislavi, White Russia, Sept.
18, 1860;
Jewish Nat l . Party, Russia,
co-founder, Jewish Historical Ethno-
graphical Society; ed.
Yevreiskaya Starina
; author,
General History of the
Jewish People
History of the Jews in Russia and Poland
, studies on Sabbatai
Zevi and Jacob Frank, a history o f Hasidism, essay on the philosophy o f
Jewish history,
Letters on Ancient and Modern Judaism;
executed by Nazis
in Riga, Dec.
1, 1941;
reported June
8, 1943.
D u p a r c , M o r r i s ,
editor, communal worker; b. Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 1852;
with London
Jewish Chronicle
for 52 years; sec., Jewish Free School, 1887-
1903; member, Bd. of Deputies, Jewish Religious Education Bd.; London,
England, Dec. 2, 1942.
G o l d w a t e r , A b r a h a m ,
O. B. E., mining engineer; settled in Palestine, 1920;
gen. manager, Palestine Corp.; a founder,
Palestine Post;
aged 57; Jerusalem,
Palestine; reported June 18, 1943.
H e v e s i , S im o n ,
chief rabbi, author, scholar; b. Aszod, Hungary; elected, rabbi,
1905; founded OMIKE (Natl. Hungarian Jewish Education Alliance), Com.
for Jewish Students Abroad, 1921; chief rabbi, Budapest Jewish community,
1927; pres. Rabbinical Assn. of Hungary; prof. of theology and homiletics,
Landes-Rabbiner-Schule; awarded D.
H .
L. by Jewish Theological Seminary
of America, 1939; author of
Grundgedaenke des Buches Hiob\
co-author, with
Ludwig Blau and Max Weiss, of
Ethics in the Talmud
(2 vols.); co-editor of
the Hebrew periodicals
of the
Magyar Zsid
translated the Sidur and the Mahzor into Hungarian; contributed to numerous
religious, communal and scholarly journals; aged 75; Budapest, Hungary,
Feb. 1, 1943.
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