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H i r s h h o r n , S a m u e l ,
author, publicist; b. Slonim, Poland, 1889; assoc, with
Zionist weekly,
Glos Zydowski,
Nasz Kurier
Nasz Przeglad, Nasz
Dziennik, Moment
, Warsaw; a founder, Jewish Folk Party, 1916; deputy to
Constitutional Sejm of Poland, 1919; past member, City Council of Warsaw;
author of
Antologja poezja zydowkiej
D i geshichte fun d i yiden in Poilen fun
fieryerigen Sejm biz der velt-milchoma\
aged 54; Warsaw, Poland; reported May
28, 1943.
L i p k i n , B e n j a m i n ,
rabbi; b. Russia; went to England, 1879, to So. Africa, 1910;
; aged 85; Johannesburg, Union of South Africa, May 4,
N i s s e n b a u m , I s a a c ,
rabbi, Zionist; b. Babrousk, White Russia, 1869; member,
Palestine Com., Odessa; sec., Mizrachi Center, Bialystok; ed.,
author of
Derushim ve-homer le-derush, Ha-yahadut ha-leumit, Masoret ve-herut
Ale heldi;
contributor to many periodicals including
Ha-Melitz, Ha-Tzofe
Ha-Tzefirah, Moment.
Warsaw, Poland; reported Feb. 19, 1943.
R u b i n s t e i n , R e u b e n ,
editor, communal leader; lived in Kaunas, Lithuania; ed.,
Yiddishe Shtimme,
on staff of
Petrograder Tageblatt,
ed. of illustrated weekly
D i Veit
, arrested 1939 by Soviets as Zionist leader; aged 52; in Russian intern-
ment camp; reported March 4, 1943.
R u p p i n , A r t h u r ,
economist, sociologist, author, Zionist; b. Rawitsch, Germany,
1876; a founder and dir., Soc. for Jewish Statistics (Verband fur Statistik der
Juden), Berlin, 1904-1908; ed.,
Zeitschrijt fu r Demographie und Statistik
der Juden\
came to Palestine, 1908; authority on Palestine economic situation;
expert on land settlement; among founders of Tel Aviv; member, Palestine
Zionist Exec., 1921; lecturer, Hebrew University since 1927; chm., Commis-
sion for Colonization of German Jews in Palestine, 1933; author,
Colonization of the Zionist Organization in Palestine
The Jews in the Modern
JVorId, Three Decades in Palestine, The Jewish Fate and Future
, and many
other works; Jerusalem, Palestine, Jan. 1, 1943.
S c h i p p e r , I s a a c ,
historian; Zionist Socialist leader in Poland; member of Parlia-
ment, 1919; pres., Jewish Writers’ Club, Warsaw; aged 59; executed, Warsaw,
Poland; reported May 19, 1943. (See special article in Yiddish section).
S e l i g m a n , R a p h a e l ,
author and essayist; b. Odessa, Russia, 1875; came to Berlin,
1914; engaged in journalistic activities; came to Palestine, 1933; member
and contributed to
translated a number of
works from German, French, and English, into Yiddish; wrote in German on
various Jewish subjects; Tel Aviv, Palestine; reported Sept. 3, 1943.
T a g l i c h t , I s r a e l ,
former Chief Rabbi of Vienna, Austria; b. Hungary 1861,
author of
Die Kuthaer als Beobachter der Gesetze, Die altesten jiidischen Volks-
schulen, Die angeblischen JVurzeln des Judenhasses, Die geographischen Namen
aus der Tschechoslowakei und dem Burgenlande in den jiidischen Quellen
went to England 1939; aged 81; Cambridge, England, Dec. 13, 1943.
T c h e r n i c h o v s k y , S a u l ,
physician, and one of the foremost Hebrew poets; b.
Michailovka, Russia, 1875, practiced medicine in old St. Petersburg (Lenin-
grad) and Berlin; during World War I., army doctor at front. Went to
Palestine 1924-26; later settled in Berlin, and then in Tel Aviv, Palestine;
translated into Hebrew
the Iliad, the Odyssey,
the Finnish epic
works of Horace, epics from Babylonian, Persian, Russian, and Serbian
mythology, Longfellow’s
, Plato’s
some of Goethe’s
poems, and Anacreon’s songs; author of many short stories, a monograph on
Immanuel of Rome, and a Hebrew medical dictionary; died in Katanon
(suburb of Jerusalem), Oct. 14, 1943.
U d i t s k y , A b r a h a m ,
historian; wrote on development of Jewish labor movement
and on Jewish classics; author of
Der Veg zu October-revbewegung in Russland,
1895-1917. Tashkent,
U .
S. S. R.; reported Feb. 12, 1943.
W o h l g e m u t h , J o s e p h ,
rabbi, Talmudic scholar, lecturer; b. Memel, Lithuania,
1867; prof. of philosophy and homiletics, Hildesheimer Rabbinical Seminary,
Berlin, since 1895; ed.,
for 40 years; author of
Die Unsterblichkeits-
lehre in der Bibel, Beitrage zu einer jiidischen Homiletik, Das jiidische Religions-
gesetz in jiidischer Beleuchtung, Das Tier und seine JVertung im alten Judentum,
Gesetztreues und liberate Judentum
, co-translator, with
J .
Bleichrode, of the
Pentateuch into German; Frankfort on the Main, Germany; reported July 3,
— 78 —