Page 93 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 3

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W o l f , L e i z e r
W o l f M o c k l e r ) ,
poet; Shakhriziaba,
U .
S. S.
Aug. 15, 1943.
Z e i t l i n , H i l l e l ,
author, editor, publicist; b. Korme, Mogilev, Russia, 1872; author
Ketabim nivharim
Rabbi Nahman mi-Bratzlav, Davar la-amim
Der Aleph-bes fun Yudentum
Gezangen fun En-sof
Mafteah le-sefer ha-Zohar\
ed. of
Dos Yiddishe vochenblatt
Die Teiva
, and
Hillel Zeitlins blettlach\
leading publicist of the daily newspaper,
; co-founder of the newspaper, Z)<?r
; Warsaw, Poland; reported
May 17, 1943.
Z i n b e r g , I s r a e l ,
chemist and literary historian; b. Volhynia, Russia, 1873; co-
publ. with Simon Dubnow of Russian Yiddish periodicals; founder,
, 1916; author,
History of the Literature of the Jews;
internment camp,
U. S. S. R.; reported March 4, 1943. (See special article in Yiddish section).
Z i r e l s o n , J u d a L o e b ,
chief rabbi; b. Kosely, Rumania, 1859; rabbi in Kishineff
since 1909; chm., official rabbinical commission at Ministry of Interior,
Petersburg; contributed to adaptation of Art. 133 of Rumanian Constitution
of 1924, giving equal rights to Jews; Senator for Kishineff, 1926; chief rabbi
of Bessarabia; prominent in Agudah movement and Appeal of Federation
of Jewish Relief Organizations for Bessarabian Jewry; author of
Arze Lebanon
Hegyon Leb\
executed by Germans; Kishineff (Bessarabia);
reported Sept. 23, 1942.
Z u r i ,
J. S., lawyer, authority on Hebrew law; b. Poland; went to Palestine after
World War I; lecturer, Jerusalem Law School; expert on Hebrew law at
Egyptian Ministry of Justice; went to Paris, 1927; settled in London, 1931;
author of
Mishpat ha-Talmud\
biographies of important Talmudic personali-
Rab Ashi, Rab
Rabbi Jose ben Haninah mi-Kisrin, Rabbi Akiba\
Soc. for Promoting the Study of Hebrew Law; aged 63; London, England;
reported Feb. 19, 1943.