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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
February: 9, Julius Fuerst, Max Emanuel Stern; 23, Michael
Heilprin; 27, Ernest Renan; 28, Emil Bernhard Cohn.
March: 12, Solomon Hillels; 13, Beer of Bolechov, Benzion
Eisenstadt; 17, Joseph Salvador; 18, Gedaliah Bublick; 25,
Nahum N. Glatzer; 26, Jacob Klatzkin; 30, Judah Loeb
April: 3, Reuben ben Hoshke; 13, Sabato Morais; 14, Abraham
Isaac Bromberg; 20, Mayer Sulzberger; 23, Zevi Zohar; 25,
Julius H. Greenstone.
May: 14, Gideon Brecher; 17, Mordecai Avi-Shaul; 23, Leo
Baeck; 27, Saul Lieberman.
June: 3, Aaron Zeitlin; 4, Samuel Krauss, Simon Wolf; 9,
Joshua Loth Liebman; 10, Ephraim Zoref; 18, Emanuel Bin-
Gorion; 22, Morris Rosenfeld; 28, Abraham Jehiel Feldman.
July: 8, Union of American Hebrew Congregations; 10, Meir
August: 7, Abraham ben Shalom Belais; 11, Menahem Zalman
Wolfowsky; 16, Perez Hirschbein; 29, Azriel Eisenberg.
September: 10, Elijah Meitus; 16, Hayyim Hazaz.
October: 2, Abraham Solomon Freidus; 27, Judah Leon Magnes.
November: 7, Solomon Luria, Joseph Perl; 28, Louis Ginzberg;
29, Jeshurun Keshet.
December: 6, Harold Louis Ginsberg; 24, David Hartwig
Baneth; 25, Shmuel Hugo Bergman.
Alphabetical List
ordeca i
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h a u l
75th birthday. Born in Hungary, May
17, 1898. In Palestine as an educator since 1921, he has published
books of poetry, fiction, and criticism and has translated also
many current and classic works from European languages into
a e c k
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Lissa, Ger­
many, May 23, 1873, died in London in 1956. The most promi­
nent liberal rabbi in Germany before World War II, he assumed
leadership of German Jewry during the Hitler period, survived
internment in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, and con­
tinued to teach in England and the United States until his death.
His publications in English,
The Pharisees, The Essence of
Judaism, Judaism and Christianity,
This People, the Mean­