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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
City there are only three newspapers: the
New York Times, New
York Post,
Daily News.
In Boston, the “cradle” of American
culture, there are only two newspapers: the
Boston Globe
the recently merged
Herald Traveler
(formed 124 years ago) with
Record American.
I l l
“We all do fade as a leaf,” wrote Isaiah in a pensive moment.
His words assume poignant meaning when we contemplate the
grievous losses we have sustained during the past year: Jacob
Glatstein, the renowned Yiddish poet; Mortimer J. Cohen, rabbi
emeritus of Congregation Beth Sholom, Elkins, Pa.; Samuel M.
Blumenfield, distinguished educator; Maurice Samuel, prolific
Jewish author, critic and lecturer, whose
The World of Sholom
won the prestigious Anisfield-Wolf Award in 1943, and
Judd Teller, publicist and author.
These erudite stalwarts in the Jewish cultural pantheon, al­
though transported to the
yeshivah shel maalah,
will remain as
fixed stars in the firmament of our memories. The fruitful con­
tributions that burgeoned from their prodigious talents will con­
tinue to inspire us. To all of them we may apply the tender
Cold in the dust their perished hearts may lie,
Bu t that which warmed, them once shall never die.
The truism voiced in Pirke Avot
Im ein kemah ein Torah,
“If there is no flour there is no Torah ,” suggests that nothing can
be achieved in a vacuum. The
Jewish Book Annual
is a project
requiring cooperation from dependable sources. We owe a debt
of profound gratitude to our sponsor, the National Jewish Welfare
Board, whose supply of
and whose moral support render
our annual undertaking less formidable than it otherwise would
be. We thank all the writers who have written for this volume.
The Editor, Associate Editors, and Editorial Advisory Board
are deeply grateful to Rabbi Philip Goodman, who year after
year, by virtue of his dedication and his genuine devotion to
lofty cultural values, has been a veritable tower of strength to
all of us. His understanding and patience are true hallmarks of
his office as our Managing Editor.
Mr. Harry Starr, our honored colleague in the Jewish Book
Council, has again brought us a generous benefaction from the