Page 148 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
,d*im ,njna ,Dsy)T yto jvw »a by w i t s
j n x t n n n y m n
.n"bwn ,nnm
oisn ,pbpnn ♦rnaav bxiaw nxa .ppna
Commentary on the first four orders of the Mishnah by Rabbi Samuel
Yungraiz of Hungary (1768-1829).
p n r nxa .tzmnn urn? 'bn by anaxa i onpna : n w a b m x s n
/a y
T ' i
j . t u o
Studies on Moses Maimonides’ laws of the New Moon in his
by Rabbi Isaac Sender.
,Dmxmanpnabwn^ibin :x j i m n * n i o i a i b x n w ’ m b s n
-a ra bx^abs nxa n ixna nsown a n n a i D’ any .mxmn i rrmpa
/a y
y '* n
.x"bwn /w r tbw
j .b*q
“The Prayers of Israel and the Ethics of Judaism”; an anthology pre­
pared by Philip Birnbaum, the knowledgeable editor and translator of
nanyn .arp pnar naab bavn i s o : n n n *>n ^ y i a a a n p n a
. ( i r t a x ) 'ay r s p n ,(nnay) 'ay a*?p .a"bwn ,ana ,.•>
.pbna ytwn*
Studies in Jewish bibliography, history, and literature in honor of I.
Edward Kiev, for many years librarian of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion in New York, edited by Charles Berlin, head of the
Hebrew Division at Harvard University. Some of these studies are in
nayia . a ^ a n p n a b n w i n n n n a y n n n s o n bw n x n p a
.x"bwn ,ana ,.\a .mxaa anaa *p by B ’b’n n i D’w n s ay n n y i
r n n .a’b’n n i a^wns .a *
.pb’ai n n so ’pns *x “pa
A modern Hebrew literature reader for advanced students with extensive
vocabulary, commentaries, and exercises, by Prof. Menahem Mansoor of
the University of Wisconsin.
. a ^ m i a a ' n a y a m s ’ o
Modern Hebrew stories; stories in the original Hebrew, edited by Ezra
Spicehandler. New York, Bantam Books, 1971. 341 p.
With English introduction, translation, and vocabulary.