Page 151 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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Responsa by Rabbi Hayyim Zevi Ehrenreich of Hungary (1875-1937) with
a eulogy by his martyred brother, Solomon Zalman Ehrenreich, and a sup­
plement by his elder brother, Moses Judah Leb, who also perished during
the Holocaust.
bxiaw nxa .n ru Tina D’anaai nvpon *a*ay
:Q*ann y m ,*?
/ay n"pnn .x"bwn ,pbpna .auabr
A Hasidic collection by Rabbi Samuel Zalmanov, originally published in
Warsaw, 1935-38.
. j i,Bm pan bxi* nwa nxa . D ’ awa *wx n n i a i w m m b x w
.a pbn [?]x"bwn ,onji .n ,rbpna
A second volume of responsa by Moses Joel Gurion, an East European
rabbi of the last century.
.w’x pmn nnyn oy .pan a*b 'n x nxa .a"in by : x n n y a w aw
[?]X"bwn ^
On Jewish law, by Rabbi Aryeh Loeb ben Joseph ha-Kohen of Strij,
Poland (1745-1813) with notes by the late Israeli Talmudist Hazon Ish
(Rabbi Abraham Isaiah Karelitz).
,pa ] i ’X"p nxa ♦d’ js ix
nnx X’wip p n ? o r s n y w
ny “piaa .a"bwn
An answer to a Talmudic question in 50 different ways, by Rabbi Ben-
Zion Cohen of Hungary, first published in 1938.
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nxa ♦m^ioi o"wny : ’ i i n ’ n n n n
Comments on the Talmud by the Hasid Jacob Isaac of Przysucha (ca.
1766-1814) .
a"x .x"bwn ,.■>
.x:na nor p nun* nxa .a"in by *n an n a n n
Notes on the
Hoshen Mishpat,
the fourth part of Joseph Caro’s
by Rabbi Judah ben Joseph Kahana of Munkacz, Hungary, who
died in 1819.