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w ic z—Y
S in g e r ,
B a s h e v is .
The magician of Lublin. Tel-Aviv, Hamenorah, 1971.
261 p.
A novel by a major contemporary Yiddish writer portraying the
transformation of a footloose artist and Bohemian into a pious and
saintly man.
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/TT 173
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oy'SHnaoib’ x px nana pyn lyaaixxwsx o*» ,]xnxp .* px ixan*nS
.nyaanya box’ ps
B e r g n e r , H e r t z .
Be human: Australian and other stories. Melbourne, Aus­
tralia, 1971. 329 p.
Published posthumously, with an addition of four essays about the
author and illustrations by Yosl Bergner.
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y *n
/TT 254 ,1971 ,p S
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•ix&xn iw*fima$*a$t)nx is px pybaya
V e p r in s k y , R a c h e l .
The crossing of hands: autobiographical novel. Tel-Aviv,
I. L. Peretz. 1971. 254 p.
The author was the life companion of the renowned Yiddish poet Mani
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301 ,1971
♦(48 naxa
"Dbyn p**m inya inynya isxwya iya**t oyn pnyn ps a*_*bps$
p**n oyn px naxbon- oynxo ps pyrmarya *n nnx oauonya ,a*np
, A
comp. Anthology: Refugees caught between fires: in poems,
stories and essays. Ed. by Shmuel Rozhanski. Buenos Aires, Literary
Society at IWO in Argentina, 1971. 301 p. (Masterworks of Yiddish
literature, vol. 48)
Selection from the works of writers who fled Hitler’s Europe and
spent the war period as refugees in Soviet Russia or in the Far East.