Page 169 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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/TT 200 ,1971
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s pnaa^nay
S c h u lm a n , E l i a s .
Studies in Soviet-Yiddish literature. New York, CYCO,
1971. 200 p.
Collection of essays and book reviews dealing with Yiddish literature
in the Soviet Union during the past four decades.
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nya nayboiVBynyo r x pynya aaxnayaaix r x oyn
S c h u lm a n , E l i a s .
Israel Tsinberg: historian of Jewish literature, his life and
works. Paris, Coultoure Congress, 1971. 93 p.
Collection of essays published in the periodical press during the past
35 years.
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, rn x s .lyaauyanyn
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x pyn jyamxwsy r x manai
.]B” i?
S z u l s z t e in ,
M. Figures before my eyes: essays, portraits, reminiscences. Paris,
1971. 337 p.
Literary essays by a prominent Yiddish poet.
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ny-r r s yaxaonx ytzranp r x pint] iu*?n iS in tog] vn oyxns
, y n r— B iB ’Boa^x nyaybosywaoni n y w n r ,pny’ -pa .yax-n
pnyn yoomBXBayTynsyn h r s oya«x pyn ymaw yw’Sxnayaya
r s nyoysyns r x nana nyn .-noxnyto'’1? n y w n r nynynya *iyn r s
.d ^ w i t r x ByB’onyinaix jw y ia y n r x T iB xn y B ’1? n y ^ n r
S h m e r u k , C h o n e .
Peretz’s vision of despair. Interpretation of Y. L. Peretz’s
Bay nakht oyfn altn mark
and critical edition of the play. New York,
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 1971. 362 p.
Monograph on one of the most significant and at the same time most
enigmatic works of modern Yiddish literature. The author is professor
of Yiddish literature at Hebrew University.