Page 170 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
.jywoy ywnxnyta'’1?
, b a ’ sw
,n*na»n ,5’5y-1?n /pa tatny
ziyp’tanp r x lyasnw
y w n ”
S p i e g e l , Y e s h a y a h u .
Figures and profiles: literary essays: vol. 1. Tel-Aviv,
Hamenorah, 1971. 260 p.
On older and contemporary Yiddish writers. The author published
previously novels and short stories.
/-jfcnsw /lpttKpa
- e? SM i y - p ’ a t u n m y s y - p ’ x r x ny taxyD ' l y t m ? 1’
ziynyb yw’tabya ,y sy Y ’X "5 iya naxanxs-Ttaynyo
: m a n b a
383 ,1971 ^ynaaypmtabip * iyw n r nyaybtabynbx ,pn$*“va
p x
,tf>ns px lytaxyta
iw h p
ay i taya*rnya ^aibaxT ytarny
in n nsviya taTaxiy-i
p x
oyn ,iaxa w > ta r x nyn .1968 r x om x
x *inx p n s taaya ^yoaynys nwa r x nypmta oxay> nyaaxa p*x*x
." ix itanysy i lytzmynyta*’1? nynaix,, a"x *mb x*iTy r s y’sx ia y ’ba’a
Yiddish theatre between the two world wars: vol. II: The Soviet-Union,
Western Europe, the Baltic countries. New York, Congress for Jewish
Culture, 1971. 383 p.
Volume I dealing with Poland appeared in 1968. The present volume
was edited by Itsik Manger, Yonas Turkow and Moyshe Perenson. It
includes, among others, a bibliography of the Yiddish literary drama,
by Ezra Lahad.
. in s w
w h p
iy*r r s Tianytnyn nyo’vn / i y i
, p n x a
n y n p*na n x s tayta’ayp ,D ^m * "p u p Ta .na syn a i’x :3 nxa
/tt 1708“
,i*nstp w n r * iy i ps Tiaiyta
aanarnxs r x om x px oyn nytatmy n y i px n xa nytam n y i
.tjytpoiyvpnx iw?ynayn r s rm r rn ’y ia 1? paa &y“r ta*>a
M a r k , Y u d e l ,
ed. Great dictionary of the Yiddish language: vol. Ill: aynbi-
opboy. New York, Yiddish Dictionary Committee, 1971. 9-24, 1097-1708 p.
First volume to appear in Jerusalem under the auspices and with
the cooperation of the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Hu­
manities of the Hebrew University.
-nytayanx yt^np
x pynta r a . j y n y a nan , py t ay?a
ytpbaay ^xxnyta^oaxita ,p’na ,ftaopyta ta’a nyrb-opbys r x
/pxybxn b r x r s tamtam^x .pnypx-ixta’a r x iym y n y a * x
,1972 ,aan“ iytaya-ix r s ^tasyaan^a ,p*np-pa
■y’ba’a-wnytao’n r s aym x ta’a ny-pb ynybisys r s a^bpsy
x ta*>a r x ,*rb ny » pyn jyaanybpnyi r x oy’sxanysa’x yw*>syu
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