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ng lo
ew ish
a m i l t o n
, A
l a s t a ir
The appeal of fascism: a study of intellectuals and
Fascism, 1919-1945. London,
A .
Blond, 1971. 312 p.
Among the attitudes of the intellectuals in France, Britain, Italy and
Germany many were attracted by fascism. Of special interest is their
attitude toward the Jews.
a m p sh ir e
, S
t u a r t
Spinoza. Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1971. 253 p.
An evaluation.
an ser
, R
ich a r d
. P r e l u d e t o t e r r o r : th e r ise o f H i t l e r ,
L o n d o n ,
R u p e r t H a r t -D a v is ,
1971. 409
p .
Based on eyewitness reports, the account of events leading to the
beer-hall “putch” and the appeal of antisemitism to the masses.
o r o w it z
, D
av id
ed. Isaac Deutscher: the man and his work. London,
Macdonald, 1971. 256 p.
Israel: a survey and bibliography. Compiled and ed. by Muriel Emanuel.
London, St. James Press, 1971. 309 p.
Collection of 25 essays on Zionism and all aspects of life in Israel
with a bibliography on each subject discussed.
a bber
, F
u a d
Israel and nuclear weapons: present option and future
strategies. London, Chatto and Windus, 1972. 164 p.
Analysis of the Israel nuclear effort, evaluation of its military poten­
tial and investigation of the possible role of nuclear arms in Israel’s
future defence strategy and political objectives.
a c k son
, B
e rn ard
S. Theft in early Jewish law. London. Oxford University,
1972. 334 p.
Based on Biblical, Talmudic and Rabbinic sources.
ack son
, R
o b e r t
Israel air force story: new ed. London, Universal Tandem,
1972. 256 p.
a n o u c h
, G
u s ta v
Conversations with Kafka. London, Andre Deutsch, 1971.
244 p.
The Jewish communities of the world: demography, political and organi­
zational status, religious institutions, education, press: 3rd rev. ed.
London, Andre Deutsch, 1971. 128 p. (Published for the Institute of
Jewish Affairs in Association wtih the World Jewish Congress) .
The Jewish concept of justice: a bibliography and catalogue prepared on
the occasion of Jewish Book Week 1972 by Doron Horowitz. London,
World Jewish Congress, 1972. 31 p.
h e
ew ish
isto r ic a l
o c ie t y
o f
n g l an d
Transactions: Session 1969-
1970: vol. 23, and Miscellanies Part
. London, 1971. 160 p.
Jewish poets of Spain. Trans, from Hebrew by D. Goldstein. Harmonds­
worth, Penguin Books, 1971. 224 p. (Classics Series)