Page 182 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
ene sh
, H
a n n a
. Hanna Senesh: her life and diary. London, Vallentine,
Mitchell, 1971. 257 p.
English version of the diary and letters of the young heroine who was
parachuted into Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia and arrested when crossing
the border to Hungary where she was executed as a spy.
h a r e t t
, M
o s h e
Making of policy; the diaries of Moshe Sharett. London,
Vallentine, Mitchell, 1972. 384 p.
h a v e l s o n
, M
e l v il l e
. H
to make a Jewish movie. London, W .
H .
1971. 244 p.
Autobiographical account of the making of the film “Cast a Giant
Shadow”— the life story of Col. David Marcus who fell in the Israel
War of Independence.
h o k e id
, M
osh e
The dual heritage: immigrants from the Atlas Mountains
in an Israeli village. Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1971.
p .
How immigrants from Morocco successfully settled in an Israeli co­
operative village.
l a c k
, K
e n n e t h
George Bell. London, Students Christian Movement Press,
1971. 126 p.
Bibliography of the Bishop of Chichester who played an important role
in the rescue of Jews from Nazi Europe.
p ic eh a n d l e r
, E
z r a
Modern Hebrew stories: Hebrew and English. London,
Bantam Books, 1972. 352 p.
p iers
B., ed. Hagadah for Passover in Hebrew and English: new ed. London,
Henry Pordes, 1971. 96 p.
t a d t l e r
, B
e a
A saviour from the skies: the life of Enzo Sereni. London,
Vallentine, Mitchell, 1972. 160 p.
One of the Jewish parachutists who died after capture.
t o c k
, M
o rr is
Parents unknown: a Ukrainian childhood. London, Andre
Deutsch, 1971. 269 p.
tr iz o v e r
, S
h if r a
The children of Israel: the Bene Israel of Bombay.
Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1971. 176 p. (Pavillion)
Study of a Jewish minority isolated within the caste system of India.
a l b o t t
, S
t r o b e
, e d . K h r u s h c h e v r em em b e r s . T r a n s , b y S t r o b e T a l b o t t .
L o n d o n , A n d r e D e u t s c h ,
1971. 639
p .
Includes many references to the Jewish problem.
a t f o r d
, F
A., and
i c o l
, J
o h n
Middle East cauldron. East­
bourne, Sussex, P. W . Publishing House, 1971. 104 p. Maps.
On the Middle East conflict.
i c h o
, A
n n a
Jerusalem landscapes: drawings and watercolours. London,
Lund Humphries, 1971. 72 p.