Page 186 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
nneo ,anx-,7n .mptm *ptinDa ,x*ipab
k b it
pjroab . y w m ’ , i n 1
/ay 244 .X"bwn ,D*byiB
a r o n
, Y
e h o s h u a
Concise lexicon on the Bible, its commentators and re­
searchers. Tel-Aviv, Sifriat Poalim, 1971. 224 p.
,n’bwiY .m i r r *ima nib’aai mpan npn
. apy *
/ay 276 .a"bwn p'bipa
nyw .n’aunsm n*snan im iay atraa am ipna nyw nwibw
pw>bw nyw j r r i i T nana mb'ua paw nyw .xnpa npn : pwxn
.xnpan nsipna %nw* nnbinb
ive r
, Y
a a k o v
Biblical researchers and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Jerusalem,
Mosad Bialik, 1972. 276 p.
Contains some of the finest studies by the late biblical scholar, divided
into three sections, as follows: biblical researchers; Dead Sea Scrolls;
biblical history.
.nanan jpwa rraa yana
P’ Sffl
am nan . i n ■>a *p n
o a D^a i ’ ji
mann ^ b w i T .xmb .s .a n-nyn mx nwa ois
r ?
x*>an /x pbn
bw nbiaa nia-mbi "pa’nb npbnan ny *ym*wa bxnwa xnpan ipnb
•nwa bw mxb nxxinn
?y *nxb x rp .n’ abiyn n^avsn nmnonn
/ay 178 .a"bwn .y jnb mabiyn n*Tin\n manni pnaan
nmpam japan *sb *irr»a*T» n a i .x : a w ia nwibwb pbwa
maomn ypm .a . in *B T isoa mxbpnm yaan ’ bwa .a .a^aimn
.anx by w a n ’ nxiaab
Studies in the book of Jeremiah. Proceedings of the Bible Study Circle in
the home of the President of the State of Israel. Ed. by B. Z. Luria.
Jerusalem, Society of Biblical Research and the Department of Educa­
tion and Culture of the World Zionist Organization, 1972. 178 p.
The book deals with the following three subjects: the prophecies of
Jeremiah according to the Bible and other sources; nature and agri­
culture in Jeremiah; the historical background of Jeremiah’s prophecy
on Edom.
— n"?*i ,n*nabp n i v n pw n ois-r . n n n n by •>//tzn m i v f l
m yx by xiaa oy ,naixs nnsoa abiya Ymn pmyn aib^s
nxa T iB o i n’ btrxa a ^ B ia n 'aiwxn nayn
01B in
bw a’aiwxm
.amay nsoa px .x"bwn ,*npa nxxw ,a*bwiT .jna non
n^a’absn nnson nitma osia ,oibt
y^Binw pwxm nayn neon
."mnpa nnso,, maoaa ,D’ pniy
na mnnaa nanxsa
Rashi’s commentary on the Torah. First edition, Reggio di Calabria, 1475.
Photographic edition of the only extant copy in the Parma library, with
an introduction by Yosef Cohn. Jerusalem, Makor, 1971. No pagination.
The first Hebrew printed book, issued by permission of the Palatine
library in Parma in an edition of 200 copies.