Page 190 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
to ’ ^aops
.anna nyanx
t ana
n i a ^ n
na nnnna .jana^ ‘rixw nxa xiaa ayi mpan n\n ana
' w
inso i ,n ” ^a no’ cnarnxn nn so to nnnra mwnb oxnna
*pD ,nyia ,a nna ,a’ynr ,x *na .nnairi w w * :nxa anaxa
:3 ,x .x"ton ,anp nxxm ,B',to n ' ’ .n n n B T P ’w ,n nna ,b*im
/ay 600 ; n ,a j 'ay
Jerusalem Talmud: Leiden manuscript. 4 vols. Facsimile reproduction of
the original manuscript with an introduction by Saul Lieberman. Vol. 1,
Seeds; vol. 2, Festivals; vol. 3, Women; vol. 4, Torts, Purities. Jerusalem,
Kedem, 1971. Vols. 1-2, 728 p.; vols. 3-4, 600 p.
Published in an edition of 135 copies by permission of the library
of Leiden University.
na ^a^ops a i^x mnna .jp’Bi
ana / a ^ i v n a ? n
bixw : xiaa nan .nnp’Bin nnson to m n ra mwn1? axnna a'pniy
’ an ay jp’ tn n\n ana ’on to ’nxmn nnsa .oaton\n *?y) jana’ 1?
/y 301 .x"ton ,mpa nxxw ,B’ t o i T .nw .s .x ann ?nxa i T s n oisn
Jerusalem Talmud: Vatican manuscript. Introduction by Saul Lieberman.
Index of variants between Vatican and Venice manuscripts by Rabbi
A. P. Sherry. Jerusalem, Makor, 1971. 301 p.
Published in an edition of 135 copies by permission of the Vatican
□ n w a b y a n a n .a » ra n * a * to a r s in rw a a ^ r y .a . x , j a n a n
a n ’w ,x*ixa ny1? an*nn
p m
n * v ,p’ 'vun n r n n^w ,n TV byi
,a"ton ,oa p ixn ,a * to iv .nm n x s i a^Bxnxbs /Bibna nannaw
/ay 354
. a w njnanaa iosn:w anaxa nsiox
a b e r m a n n
A. M. Studies in medieval secular and liturgical poetry. Jeru­
salem, Rubin Mass, 1972. 354 p.
A collection of articles dealing with various types of medieval Hebrew
poetry, with poems composed in dreams, and with literary plagiarism
and parodies.
ay ageism *p “>ana *s-^y njna nny
. j i x a an ay an nno
/B’ t o i v .B r a w n s nato t o n :’ r a xiaai nixnou
.nwnaa /ay
,24 .a"ton ,pip ann noia
Seder Rav Amram Gaon. Ed. with additions, variants and introduction by
Daniel S. Goldschmidt. Jerusalem, Mosad Harav Kook, 1972. 24, 199 p.
,fava ,a*ax“?n ,B’ t o i T .moa a"» /mar n n n n D ^ ry
. a a i ^ n
,a" ton
o l o m b
A. Studies in contemporary Judaism: 13 essays. Jerusalem and
Tel-Aviv, Newman, 1972. 277 p.