Page 192 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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. nwa , j na
/ay 710
.liwbn Tis^wb nayn xmpbi naibb
n iTyb
mnaaw nry nso
o h e n
, M
o sh e
The Hebrew language and its fine points. Rehovot, Kes-EI,
1971. 710 p.
A handbook which is designed to aid in the improvement of language
,nso nnp ,D’bwiT .nmrn bw n’anxn pnpn . ’ a s nnaa , ’ nnp
.nixbao /ay 13 ,182
.niupn nxma nanan nx nn’nan i t nmay
a d a k i
, M
e n a h e m
Zvi. A grammar of Zohar Aramaic. Jerusalem, Kiryat
Sepher, 1971. 182, 13 p.
This work earned the doctorate for its author.
e w i s h
B o o k A n n u a l
a>mnan r r n n s m a y n m is e r i
,anx-bn ,n"awn_a":nn ^nia’wm onaxa .bayaa , ] na , ) a n n b x
/ay 278 .x"bwn ,nmxan
y w p n
.D’aiw ny>anaa iaonsn:w onaxa noix
l t e r m a n
, N
a t h a n
In the circle: essays and sketches, 1932-1968. Tel-Aviv,
Hakibutz Hameuhad, 1971, 278 p.
A collection of writings from various publications.
: ,TBnarba*ai xiaa n s TX i n o j i n r w by nmp’a naxa nnaa .-------
.maaixbi nnsob anx_bn pp bw nnara mxb xx'p .pnaaixa nmx
/ay 236 .x"bwn ,naiy Dy /a’ax_bn
bw m Tw by lanaiw nanym niawna ,nmp’a nan nnaaa nan
. in TB B ^asb nyi "yma D’aaia,/ nysma ]annbx in :
Nathan Alterman: a selection of critical essays on his poetry. Selected with
an introduction by Ora Baumgarten. Published under the aegis of the
Tel-Aviv Fund for Literature and Art. Tel-Aviv, Am Oved, 1971. 236 p.
n*ab x ’an .onaxai anpna ,nmoa5 ox . b x i aw , ’ p s ’i b a i b x ’>a
.mnnsa /ay
^b’xna nironamx ,a’ax-bn . iw ra
i a l o b l o t z k y
, S
h m u e l
Authority of the tradition: studies and essays. Pre­
pared for the press by N. Ginton. Tel-Aviv, Bar-Ilan University. 1971.
280 p.