Page 194 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
,moa ,p_nan .manat
ns*>Da . a n a , | na - p ’ t ) i i / n 3
/ay 247
inax^nn ma nanx nsipn bbiaa manan bw ’sw a itn x n m i s n
.obiya dhihm to onrn ts maipaai ,bx“)W‘’-,pxa nnayn mainm
ern ste in
o h e n
, M
i r i a m
. A
a drop in the sea: memoirs. Ramat-Gan,
Massadah, 1971. 247 p.
This autobiographical account reviews a long period in the theatrical
and cultural life of Eretz Israel and of various other lands of Jewish
pia’ pn ,anx
bn ,nwrn mnna .n"abs
. b a a n t
, i y b a
/ay 169 .x"bwn ,imxan
.rrabsn >amb *sa lawnaw o’ pna
ile ad
, Z
eru b ba v e l
Palmach chapters. Tel-Aviv, Hakibbutz Hameuhad, 1971.
169 p.
A second edition of accounts by members of the Israeli task force.
♦rnnaxi vana
Dp? .bDOp
inar mo
. D ^ n
/ay 254 .x"bwn ,anx bn .piy .’ nn iyn
.o*aiw nynnaa laomnaw ma’ w-n onaxa noix
Pages from life: memorial volume to Josef Hayyim Kestel: a selection from
his writings and letters. Ed. by Y. Ogan. Tel-Aviv, 1971, 254 p.
/Q’byis nnso ,anx bn .’•poaw’a'iwo bwmbn'xn . o T 5 , ’ m s x n
.nnayn nTwn npnab awb ia nxb oma naT mon
a e f r a t i
, Y
o s ef
The idylls of Tschernichowsky. Tel-Aviv, Sifriat Poalim,
1971. 152 p.
This book was awarded the Leah Goldberg Prize for research in
Hebrew poetry.
am naipom nnx ,nn t on:a ?nanya . npnaxa n n a y ma n
a<’ nwnn
by ,mabiy nnay nna nxnn ,anx bn .x n a .tx^amx
/ay 9 ,439 .a"bwn
o rn osy nyi nmwxm mamm n-psm nwya? na^wnai n n nny
Hebrew thought in America: vol. I. Ed. by M. Zohari, A. Tartakower and
H. Ormian. Brit lvrit Olamit, through Yavneh, 1972. 439 p.
A collective volume of scholarly articles by American Hebrew writers.