Page 196 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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/ay 268 .x"bwn
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■’nnson maa laonsnaw anaxa nsiox
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, D
a v id
Essay and contention: literary feuilletons. Tel-Aviv, Hamenorah,
1971. 268 p.
A collection of articles from the literary section of the Israeli daily
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/ay 175 .x"bwn , jn
.a^aiw ny nnaa laoisnaw anaxa noix
a d a n
, D
o v
I will go up and return: writings on religious problems. Tel-Aviv,
Don, 1971. 175 p.
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/ D ’ n o x n p n n a a ’ l i ' y
/ay 171 .1971 ,n rr nxsin ,anx
Studies on aesthetics: a selection edited by Reuven Zur. Prepared for the
press by Aryeh Sivan. Tel-Aviv, Dagah, 1971. 171 p.
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bn pp bw nyroai nnara nxb x rp ,jnaia nma : .Tsnarbam
/ay 230 .x"bwn ,naiy ay ,a’ax bn .maaixbi nnsob anx
apy’ n T
P by lanaaw a^np^y nanym mn’a ,mawis nana nan
.naw a^ww nwaa laa^s
Yaakov Fichman: a selection of critical essays on his work. Selected with
an introduction and bibliography by Nurit Guvrin. Published under the
aegis of the Tel-Aviv Fund for Literature and Art. Tel-Aviv, Am Oved,
1971. 230 p.
ansion nnax nxxw *npa nnso .moa ,B>a\n anya . n a bw , n a s
/ay 149 .1971 ,p nan ,moa nxnn r b ,bx"iwn anayn
.nanan bw mapn ’ an lanaaw nnso by moa
e m a c h
, S
h e l o m o
At eventide: essays. Makor library, Hebrew Writers’
Ass'n, through Massadah. Ramat-Gan, 1971. 149 p.
Essays by the noted critic written during his old age.
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/ay 687 .1971 ,anx
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