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h a l o m
a b in o w i t z
, Y
a a k o v
Literary paths. Compiled by Yaakov Har-Even. Jeru­
salem, Newman and Hebrew Writers’ Ass’n, 1971. 2 vols. 667 p.
A collection of critical essays published in various journals over a
period of 40 years.
t o
.moa ma’un ,Dm s’ o ,nmn nanyaai nanyaa . o •>•»n
/ay 434 .x"ton ,nan ,anx ‘rn .xm1’ i n *aa : oisn1? xnn ,
x t s w
.nanan naipm ^xnw’ p x aiw” nsipna m:nor
h u r er
, H
a i m
Struggling and writing: experiences, stories, sketches and
essays. Ed. by Yosef Shapiro. Tel-Aviv, Davar, 1971. 434 p.
Recollections from the Yishuv period and the rise of the State.
,moa ,nnnyn ,nws nan maa .nun im x . p ’ *?x ’ a . : .n n n ’ w
nxxin .pmx am : n y i Bp’b .p’^xn n ’ w
bz by
iinan ’xnb nan
,nnan mxnx ^ a ^ p a n n n n ’yna^ iiaam m n n nirn.n nawV
.x"ton ,anx ^n ,Tan nxnn m *?y
m o b
wnpia noon .p’Vx’a
t w i
t v
bz by
anxp naon n a i
.nmwan to imaVx /p^xn
The poetry of H. N. Bialik: an anthology of commentaries and interpre­
tations of each poem and selected essays and studies on the poet. Com­
piled and ed. by Hayyim Orlan. Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education
and College of Jewish Studies, through Dvir, Tel-Aviv, 1971. 377 double
,B’ t o i T .onnxnxpi a’ oa’a nuonx1? a rsn nmn
. j na , b : p sw
/ay 167 .n"ton /p’Vxn noia
p iegel
, N
a t h a n
Aristotle on poetics: mimesis and catharsis. Jerusalem,
Mosad Bialik, 1972. 167 p.
n’ l in s n naxisn ,amn misn nm ia*?*i anx
. i n x
-1 2
, n a m
nnson ,B’ t o i T .nam j r x - p :Bn*»m ora ,*ny .nno n * r to
/ay 328 .a"ton ,n**pxn nmnonn nbnw m *?y n^ rxn
o m e r
, B
e n
io n
Red and white and the scent of oranges: the pedagogic
poem of the Teheran children. Ed. and trans. by Ben-Zion Tomer.
Jerusalem, Zionist Library, 1972. 328 p.
r p f i wf c r o
.o^ysa /B^wia ^ e t ’x . n m n n n n v s n
n n s i ^ p ’ sax
.rm ,T na n
b m
tnawa nmy ; ‘rxsn p n r :nanya ,s-j a’ t^x
n pbn
.nmay 448 .a"ton ,pip ann noia ,B’ t o i T