Page 201 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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h a l o m
■■?n .r>owa’an x : nawa *piy ; 'aann .* :
t o
.osary . n b ’ n an ^ y
/ay 364 .x"ton ,]mDan nnwa ,manya ,a’ax
t s i x
nbnan mantoa ,D'avy .x .anna nwto^ p^na
na*?n ma ,n*?naa
t o
ma .a .n^nan xwiaa manyn jTn y a
naa n Ty tn manyn namVn nama1? n^nan mma .a .n^nan nam^a
On guerilla warfare: studies. Ed. by Y. Harkavy. Ass’t ed., A. Rubinstein.
Maarachot and Ministry of Defence, 1971. 364 p.
*?y nnsoa mxn n y ,ina*>wa Q*?iyn nxy ]xa . *?*a x ,
” d tm n s
,an x _l?n .onwyn nxaa a^iyn nx lyrynw ,a’ nit30\n mymxa
/a y 328
F e u e r s t e i n , E m i l .
Here the world held its breath: eyewitnesses tell of historic
events that shook the world during the 20th century. Tel-Aviv, Ahiasaf,
1971. 328 p.
"1918 ,nn«nDD^Bn manyn maix^n nyiann nn’ax . y w i n * , n n s
,npnsx*i mox ma ’ *?1? paan ,nnayn ntrona’aixn ,a 'ton *
.mnnsa /ay 278 .x"ton ,m^xnw\n irm ran nnann
.in ^xmx aw ^y anpna mnna
P o r a t h , Y e h o s h u a .
The growth of the nationalist Arab Palestinian move­
ment, 1918-1929. Jerusalem, Hebrew University, Asian-African Institute
and the Israel Oriental Society, 1971. 278 p.
One in the series of studies in memory of Uriel Heya.
.iTnvya1? ntpaa maanaa no^sn to maimyn . n a s , t t» n a s
GT^a-jana) ’onan mrxna na^sn nnxw panx nxxwa ,a*ax
.nnnsa /ay
.^"wn ^xnwn
Z im r i o n , Z e m a c h .
The press of the remnant in Germany as an expression
of its problems. Tel-Aviv, Organization of the Survivors of the British
Zone (Bergen-Belsen) in Israel, 1970. 219 p.
n ^ i n ny an? w a :x t o -nnafta nvp nmp . o ” n , obwp
/ay 489 .x"ton nan ,3’ax^n .1878 nawa mw’ ton nna^a na^aa
a*awa nxiwn nsipna : a nna .mm1? „Tsna*p^ra ,mnnsa ^nams
loa mnx to nsipna :n t o > 'wn nan ^ a x ^ n ,
.^wn ,nan ,anx’ ^n ,1960_1944 a^awa anxn ^nan
n x -p p n r onsa iar nanan to m so . i x r x1? pny
,n ,a nna
.x"ton naw1?