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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Y e l l i n , D a v i d .
Writings: vol. 1. Compiled and ed. by B. Rivlin, Jerusalem,
Rubin Mass, 1972. 444 p.
Ingathering of the scholarly and literary writings of a leading figure
on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his brith.
i n n py n r n i .p’yan :x iso ,m n rs? nnbin , | n n x , ’
/ ay 324 .1971 /TirPK
Y a n n a i , A h a r o n .
History of Ein Harod: vol. 1: the fountain. Ein Harod,
1971. 324 p.
.1971 ,nnap>w ,ns’n .bmw’a o^an . ^o
t a / p a i a i p y *
.ninan ,nisa
dim ny obiyn nxnn nsipna T>tns
o’an xwu nx
Y a k o b o v i t z , M o r d e c a i .
Water in Israel. Haifa, Shikmona, 1971. 175 p.
A comprehensive survey of the subject beginning with creation and
down to modern times.
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/ay 391 .3"bwn n i rm nm n "*m y oy ,3*nx bn .D’byisn nyum
Y a a r i , M e i r .
In the struggle for free labor: selected writings on problems of
the Histadruth and the labor movement. Tel-Aviv, Am Oved and
Tarbut v’Hinukh, 1972. 391 p.
r w : i rm iy .nmpa bw u ib rn o mnu . m i n n a m a n bx i w ’
nxxm ^ b w i T .xino pix-i no i’ n n np n nbnx D” n ,tnt3WiT” x
/ay 728 .3"bwn ,nnnyn ntpona^ixn ,onaxa
.mbxnwn mnnn bw nniwmnm nmnnsnn ’ rrbnn
Israel, a developing society: sociological analysis of sources. Ed. by S. N.
Eisenstadt, Haim Adler, Rivkah Bar-Yosef, Reuven Kahana. Jerusalem,
Magnes Press, 1972. 728 p.
mrpxn nnson ,D’bw iT .mt *>ns : -py .nnw bw D” n . *>n
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/ay 484
prpxn “>sibnn myn ]yab m m r s n vnibiysa anaxa mna
L u r i a , Z v i .
A life of service. Ed. by Zvi Zohar. Jerusalem, Zionist Library
of the World Zionist Executive and Sifriat Poalim, 1971. 484 p.
Selected articles on his communal activities in behalf of pioneering