Page 206 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
miayn nyun
:ya a na i maa .pnn rnx
, i
t w
,*l i rm main ,a’ax'bn .a’ sno *aw ,nx nrim : nanya .bxiwa
.'By 567 .1971
S h a z a r , Z a lm a n .
Zion and justice: selected statements on the labor move­
ment in Israel. Ed. by Yehuda Erez. Tel-Aviv, Tarbut v’Hinukh, 1971.
2 vols. 567 p.
b*nw> nnbmb m i n i anpna ,nvrn m s . l a b T ' T U P a w n r w
/ay 406 .x"?wn ,p*bira Toia ,B’bw iT .a’annxn nnna
.a*aw ban iwaa iana:w b*nw’ nnbmb moai anpna bw noix
-------------- . Luminaries of the generations: studies and comments on modern
Jewish history. Jerusalem, Mosad Bialik. 1971. 406 p.
,paba mains :nanya . i9 3 7 T2n n ,*aw -pa ,’ana ]ar> . nwa , m w
.a"bwn ,n’ iT»sn nnson ,naiy ay ,a*ax"bn .ybo paax : nawa -piy
.mnnsa ,nnyn /ay 516
nyiann anpa nawn nmx bbwnnw nptbnn by ’a’asn mann Tu rn
npois *>nba nanbai ,mtnaan p»?wn oy uwpy pasaa m a m
.m yn moa
S h a r e t t , M o s h e .
Political diary: vol. 2, 1937. Ed. by Ahuvia Malchin. Ass’t
ed.: Amnon Sela. Tel-Aviv, Am Oved and Zionist Library, 1972. 516 p.
An account of the inner debate regarding partition which agitated the
Zionist movement in its stubborn struggle against the Mandatory power
and the Arab terror.
.a’airbn .ayb pp’ oab ,bx“)w p s ba
. anaa i a n s x /a b .n
.msa ,maian /nmay 304 ,x"bwn nan
nawb ny pnya omyan *aabi oyb ’snaiipa pp’ oab
T a l m a i , E f r a im
M e ;\ a h em .
All of Eretz Israel: popular lexicon. Tel-Aviv,
Davar, 1971. 304 double columns.
Popular lexicon for young and old including information down to