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Charles and Bertie G. Schwartz Award
Two years ago the Charles and Bertie G. Schwartz Juvenile
Award was established in memory of the late Charles Schwartz
and in honor of our colleague Mrs. Bertie Schwartz. The judges
for the juvenile award were Lloyd Alexander, who won the Na­
tional Book Award for a juvenile book last year; Dr. Morris
Epstein, professor of English literature at Yeshiva University’s
Stern College and editor of the popular children’s periodical,
World Over;
Deborah Pessin, author of numerous children’s books;
and Mrs. Shonie B. Levi, author and lecturer.
The judges unanimously selected Miss Sulamith Ish-Kishor, one
of the most prolific writers for Jewish children, for her book
Master of Miracle: A New Novel of the Golem.
Since childhood
Miss Ish-Kishor has been contributing articles and fiction to
many magazines and has also authored a long list of books, in­
The Carpet of Solomon, Our Eddie, Pathioays to the
Jewish Holidays,
and many others. This is the second time Miss
Ish-Kishor is receiving the award. The first was in 1963 for her
A Boy of Old Prague. The Master of Miracle,
by Harper and Row, is an exciting novel based on the famous
legend of the Golem.
Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Award,
Last year we presented the Harry and Florence Kovner Memo­
rial Award for a book of Yiddish poetry; next year it will be for
a volume of Jewish poems in English, and this year it is for one
in Hebrew. The judges for this award were three distinguished
professors: Dr. Avraham Holtz of the Jewish Theological Semi­
nary of America; Dr. Jacob Kabakoff of Lehman College and
Dr. Milton Arfa of Hunter College.
The judges have selected Dr. Eisig Silberschlag, perhaps the
most distinguished Hebrew poet this side of the Atlantic, for his
recent volume,
Jgrotai El Dorot Aherim
(Letters to Other Gen­
erations) , published by Kiryat Sefer in Jerusalem. Dr. Silberschlag
has served as professor of Hebrew literature at the Boston Hebrew
College, as its dean and as president until his recent retirement.
He holds numerous honorary positions and memberships in vari­
ous professional and scholarly organizations. Dr. Silberschlag
recently returned from a visit to Israel at the invitation of Presi­
dent Zalman Shazar, and was one of the principal speakers at
the Hebrew Language Congress in Jerusalem. He has written
a goodly number of books, scores of articles in Hebrew and in