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English, and has translated major works into Hebrew. Among
them is his translation from the Greek of
The Eleven Comedies
of Aristophanes,
which was awarded the Saul Tschernichowsky
Prize of the Municipality of Tel Aviv. His poetry has been
extensively anthologized and translated. In 1959, he received this
Kovner Memorial Award for his volume of Hebrew verse,
(Arch of My Days).
Leon Jolson Award
Leon Jolson presents an annual award for a book on the Holo­
caust. A distinguished communal leader, a member of the Park
Avenue Synagogue and a generous benefactor of worthy Jewish
causes, Mr. Jolson, himself a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, has
a keen personal interest in Holocaust literature. The judges for
this award were Dr. Lothar Kahn, professor at Connecticut State
College; Miss Dina Abramowicz, librarian of the YIVO Institute
for Jewish Research; Mrs. Lucy Dawidowicz, professor of Holo­
caust literature at Yeshiva University’s Stern College; Dr. Samuel
Gringausz, formerly president of the Council of Liberated Jews
in the U.S. Zone of Germany; and Dr. Shlomo Noble, distin­
guished author, teacher and leader of the YIVO Institute of
Jewish Research.
The judges selected for the award Dr. Henry L. Feingold’s
Politics of Rescue: The Roosevelt Administration and the Holo­
caust, 1938-1945,
published by Rutgers University Press. This book,
an original piece of historical research, presents a factual account
of the actual processes, external and internal, that blocked the
New Deal, publicly committed to humanitarianism, from any
effective action during the years of the Holocaust. It is a story that
needed to be told; it is a story that should be read by all thinking
Jews; it is a story from which we can learn a great deal about the
future positions that American Jewry needs to take when other
crises arise. Born in Germany, Dr. Feingold was able to leave in
1938 as a young child. He is currently associate professor of history
at the Bernard Baruch College of the City University where he
specializes in American diplomatic history and American Jewish
history. He has published numerous articles, primarily on Ameri­
can Jewish themes and is currently completing a history of Ameri­
can Jewry.
Harry and Ethel Daroff Memorial Award
Mr. Joseph Daroff of Philadelphia, one of the American Jewish
community’s outstanding philanthropists, is the donor of the Harry