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throughout 1972 under the sponsorship of the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Pointing out that emphasizing the value of books in the service of
education, international understanding and peaceful cooperation
is among the objectives of IBY, Dr. Nadich said: “ If there is any
literature that is international in scope, it is within the purview of
Jewish literature. It is, therefore, appropriate for all Jewish organ­
izations to participate in the observance of IBY, stressing Jewish
books written in many languages and in many countries, as well
as contributions of Jews to world literature.” The Council also
announced the plans for observance of IBY in Israel, developed by
a committee representing government ministries and interested
non-governmental organizations and institutions. Endorsed by
UNESCO’s member states and by international non-government
organizations concerned with books, IBY has as its rubric: “ Books
for All.” The Council offered to provide information relative to
Jewish emphasis in this project and is serving as a cooperating
agency with the United States Committee for International Book
The World of Jewish Books
The Council continued during the past year to produce “The
World of Jewish Books,” a series of radio programs on station
WEVD for twelve alternate Wednesday evenings at 9:15 P.M.
This series purposes to present discussions of sophisticated books
of Jewish interest, and in most instances authors of recently pub­
lished works appeared on the programs. The following programs
were conducted during the past year. On December 1, 1971, Bernard
Postal, associate editor of
The Jewish Week and American Exam­
and Sam Abramson of the United Jewish Appeal staff dis­
cussed the book they co-authored,
The Travelers Guide to Jewish
Landmarks in Europe
(Fleet Publishing Company). On Decem­
ber 15th, Rabbi Gilbert Rosenthal led a discussion with Dr. Robert
Gordis on the latter’s recently published books,
Poets, Prophets
and Sages
(Indiana University Press), and
A Faith for Moderns
(Bloch Publishing Company). On December 29th Mrs. Miriam
Lipstadt, lecturer and writer, interviewed Dr. Leo Jung on his
The Jewish Woman
(Soncino Press). On January 12th, 1972,
Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, professor of Hebrew at Lehman College, con­
ducted a discussion with Dr. Eisig Silberschlag on the latter’s book
of Hebrew poetry,
Letters to Other Generations
(Kiryath Sepher).
On January 26th, Jerry Goodman, executive director of the Ameri­
can Conference on Soviet Jewry, interviewed Boris Smolar on the
Soviet Jewry: Today and Tomorrow
(Macmillan) . On
February 9th, Dr. Judah Nadich conducted a discussion with
Mrs. Ida Cowen on her book
The Jews in Remote Corners of the
(Prentice-Hall). On February 23rd, Dean David Mirsky of