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Library Citations
A total of 243 library citations have been presented by the Jew­
ish Book Council over the past 21 years to libraries that have met
the requirements for a library established by the Council. During
the past year citations of merit were presented to the following
Kovner Library
B’nai Israel Synagogue
Corpus Christi, Texas
Israel Center of Hillcrest Manor Library
Flushing, New York
The Ben Serkin Library
Temple Zion
Miami, Florida
Charles and Bertie G. Schwartz Judaica Library
American Jewish Congress House
New York, New York
Temple Beth Hillel Library
North Hollywood, California
Goldy and Max Smith Library
Brith Emeth Temple
Pepper Pike, Ohio
Mordecai M. Kaplan Library
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
David Ritter Library
Temple Beth-El
Rockaway Park, New York
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on Sunday, May
21, 1972, at the Park Avenue Synagogue, New York, at which
Dr. Judah Nadich presided. Dr. Nadich expressed deep apprecia­
tion to Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, who edits both
Jewish Bookland
and the
Jewish Book Annual.
Though now retired and living in
Hollywood, Florida, he is in almost daily communication with
our office and continues his extreme devotion to our cause. He also
voiced his gratitude to his fellow officers and Executive Board
members of the Council, the chairmen and members of the various
committees, the judges of the awards, the hostesses and especially
to Rabbi Philip Goodman, the executive secretary. Herbert Mill-