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man, executive vice-president of the National Jewish Welfare
Board, extended greetings on behalf of the Council’s parent organ­
ization. Mrs. Charles Schwartz, chairman of the Annual Meeting
Committee, presented resolutions in memory of Dr. Mortimer J.
Cohen, Dr. Samuel M. Blumenfield and Maurice Samuel; these
were adopted by a rising vote and a minute of silent tribute.
(Copies of these resolutions are appended to this report.) Cita­
tions to eight libraries were presented by Abraham Berger, chair­
man of the Library Committee. The feature of the annual meeting
was the presentation by Judah Nadich of literary awards to five
authors, with citations and awards totalling $2,500. The meeting
concluded with the traditional reception in honor of the library
citation recipients and the award winners. The reception was
hosted by Mrs. Hanna Goodman and Mrs. Hadassah Nadich.
During the course of the meeting, Dr. Nadich reported that two
years ago, the National Jewish Welfare Board appointed a com­
mission to study the total program of JWB in the cultural area.
This commission was chaired by Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz, and
members of the Jewish Book Council were well represented as
active participants in its work. The commission reviewed exten­
sively and in depth the needs of Jewish Community Centers and
Jewish communities in all the areas of Jewish culture and ex­
plored how both JWB and the Centers can help to enrich American
Jewish culture. It also dealt with the cultural councils affiliated
with JWB. As a result, a number of significant recommendations
were made by the commission which were subsequently approved
by the Jewish Book Council and by the Board of Directors of the
National Jewish Welfare Board. These recommendations advocate
a much more significant role of Jewish culture in the day to day
programs of Jewish Community Centers and YMHAs, and they
also call upon JWB to intensify its own efforts in these areas.
With regard to the Jewish Book Council and the Jewish Music
Council, a number of structural recommendations were made to
facilitate the operation of the councils without any diminution in
their programs. Henceforth, our name will be the Jewish Book
Council of the National Jewish Welfare Board. The organizations
associated with the Jewish Book Council for the past 25 years con­
stituted a non-functioning National Committee. Henceforth, these
organizations will be considered as Affiliated Organizations and
will be so designated on our literature and stationery. Moreover,
we have added several new organizations to our list of affiliates.
These are but minor changes in the Council's method of operation
which hopefully will enable us to expand our horizons and en­
hance our efforts in programming.
Dr. Nadich announced the results of the election of officers and
Executive Board members on the recommendation of the Nomina­