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tion Committee. The following were elected for two-year terms:
Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz, president; Mrs. Frank Cohen, Dr. Alter
F. Landesman, Herbert Millman and Leon Rubinstein, vice-
presidents; Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, secretary; and Dr. Emil Lehman,
The following constitute the membership of the Executive
Board: Dr. Milton Arfa, Dr. Harry I. Barron, Abraham Berger,
Dr. Charles Berlin, Dr. Hyman Chanover, Jacob I. Dienstag, Mrs.
Lily Edelman, Dr. Azriel Eisenberg, Dr. Morris Epstein, William
Epstein, Dr. Chaim I. Etrog, Dr. A. P. Gannes, Peter Geffen,
Leonard Gold, Robert Goldman, Saul Goodman, Dr. Robert
Gordis, Fred Grubel, Dr. Sidney B. Hoenig, Dr. I. Edward Kiev,
David M. Kleinstein, Nathan Kolodney, Shmuel Lapin, Mrs.
Benjamin Levitt, Bernard H. Marks, Dr. Isidore S. Meyer, Dr.
David Mirsky, Dr. Arnulf M. Pins, Yehuda Rosenman, Herman L.
Sainer, Mrs. Murray Sarlin, Bernard Scharfstein, Julius Schatz,
Dr. Menahem Schmelzer, Harry Schneiderman, Mrs. Charles
Schwartz, Dr. Eisig Silberschlag, Rabbi Avraham Soltes, Harry
Starr, Rabbi Marvin S. Weiner, Cantor Arthur M. Wolfson, Mrs.
Victor Wouk and Lesser Zussman.
The past presidents of the Council are: Hyman B. Bass, Dr.
Solomon Grayzel, Dr. Gilbert Klaperman, Dr. Sol Liptzin, Dr.
Judah Nadich, Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach.
Tribute to Judah Nadich
At the conclusion of the annual meeting, Mrs. Frank Cohen
read a message from the incoming president, Dr. Eugene B.
Borowitz, who was absent because of a commitment to perform a
mission for U.S. army chaplains of the European theatre. In his
message, Dr. Borowitz paid tribute to the outgoing president,
Dr. Nadich, in which he said in part, “ For the length of his rab­
binic career, Judah Nadich has been an admirable, devoted, self-
respecting Jew. In his early days he determined that love of the
Jewish people, a devotion to its language and the enhancement of
its culture and religion were to be the chief concerns of his life.
He has not changed over the years and we honor him for his stead­
fastness and integrity. He has brought to the Tewish Book Council
his own high sense of what American Jewry should be striving for.
He has presided at our meetings with firmness and fairness, mak­
ing demands of all of us by his very presence and not being satisfied
with us until we had done, within our means, as much as we
could. He has seen to the beginnings of change in our activities.
He has laid the foundations for what the Council yet needs to do.
We salute Judah Nadich on the completion of his presidency of