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Beloved rabbi, scholar and teacher, Dr. Blumenfield authored
erudite works which will remain as an enduring monument to
him. T o Dr. Blumenfield we apply the Talmudic dictum: “ The
righteous need no monuments; their works and deeds are their
We extend our deepest condolences to his widow, daughters
and other members of his family.
Rabbi Mortimer J. Cohen was summoned to his eternal reward
on January 27, 1972.
Revered rabbi, author and scholar, Dr. Cohen rendered conspic­
uous service for many years to the Jewish Book Council of the
National Jewish Welfare Board: as president from 1950 to 1952;
editor of the Jewish Book Annual in 1952; and founding editor
of In Jewish Bookland from 1945 to 1950.
Dr. Cohen was the author of the best-selling “ Pathways Through
The Bible,” of which over 216,000 copies are in print. He also
contributed to Jewish scholarship including a definitive study
entitled “Jacob Emden: A Man of Controversy,” published by
Dropsie University in 1937.
The Jewish Book Council has lost a profoundly committed fel­
low worker. Not only his family, to whom we convey our deep
sympathy, but all whom he served with zeal and selfless devotion,
have been bereft. He has been gathered to his people, but his
memory will continue to inspire us.
Maurice Samuel, regarded by many as the most distinguished
Jewish author, critic and lecturer in this generation, was a tower­
ing literary personality in the pantheon of American Jewish cul­
ture. For more than a half-century he wrote and lectured on Jewish
themes throughout the United States, in Canada, Europe, Africa
and Israel. His pen was a torch that illumined not only the topics
he treated, but also the minds of a host of readers. A prolific author,
he produced 25 volumes, a number of which received awards.
Perhaps his most popular book is “The World of Sholom Alei-
chem,” which won for him the prestigious Anisfield-Wolf Award