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in 1943. In 1952 he received the National Jewish Welfare Board
Frank L. Weil Award for his contribution to Jewish literature.
A scholarly devotee of Yiddish, his latest book was “ In Praise of
Yiddish,” published in 1971. Among his other works are “Prince
of the Ghetto,” “ Blood Accusation,” “Light on Israel,” “What
Happened in Palestine,” “You Gentiles,” and “Jews on Approval.”
All his writings are characterized by a limpid, concise English style
he mastered early in his career. He also distinguished himself
through his translation into English of some of the classical He­
brew and Yiddish writers. In 1964, Brandeis University conferred
upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.
His passing is a grievous loss to American Jewry; but his versa­
tile contributions as a brilliant writer among the People of the
Book will ever remain an enduring monument to him.
T o his widow, children and grandchildren, the Jewish Book
Council extends sincere condolences. We pray they will find con­
solation in the knowledge that they are not alone in their bereave­
ment. Perhaps their burden may become easier to bear, when they
know there are others who care.