Page 223 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 30

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D r . S o lom o n G r a y z e l ,
editor emeritus, The Jewish Publication
Society of America; author of
A History of the Jews
other books.
D r . J a cob K a b a k o f f ,
associate professor of Hebrew, Lehman
College of the City University of New York; author of
neers of American Hebrew Literature
D r .
Edw ard K iev ,
librarian, Hebrew Union College-Jewish In­
stitute of Religion, New York.
D r . I s a a c K le in ,
rabbi, Jewish Theological Seminary of America;
Ph.D., Harvard; special studies in Talmud and codes with
Prof. Louis Ginsberg for seven years for
Hatarat Horaah.
S y lv ia Land ress ,
director and librarian, Zionist Archives and Li­
brary, New York.
D r . Y u d e l M a r k , editor-in -ch ief,
The Great Dictionary of the
Yiddish Language.
, chairman, Archives Committee of the Jewish
Public Library, Montreal; honorary archivist, Canadian Jew­
ish Congress Eastern Division.
D r . Judah N a d ich ,
rabbi, Park Avenue Synagogue, New York;
author of
Eisenhower and the Jews;
editor and translator of
The Flowering of Modern Hebrew Literature,
by Menachem
Ribalow; president, Rabbinical Assembly.
T o v i a P r e s c h e l ,
writer; contributor to a variety of Jewish periodi­
cals and scholarly publications.
H a r o l d
R ib a l o w ,
author and editor of more than fifteen
books, and specialist in Jewish fiction.
D r . E l ia s S c h u lm a n ,
Ph.D., Dropsie University; adjunct associ­
ate professor, Queens College; author of
Studies in Soviet
Yiddish Literature
Israel Tsinberg: His Life and Work
(in Yiddish).
D r . Eisig S i lb e r s c h la g ,
professor of Hebrew literature, Hebrew
College; visiting professor of Judaic studies, Emmanuel Col­
lege; author and educator.